Oven Roasted Marinara Sauce

After having such great success with my Oven Roasted Salsa I felt it only made sense to try making my own marinara sauce using the same process.  It turned out amazing and was great tossed with mini meatballs and cheese ravioli later that night for dinner. Ingredients: 6-8 Tomatoes (quartered) 4 Cloves Minced Garlic 1 Yellow Onion Chopped 1/4 C. Chopped Basil 1/8 C. Chopped Rosemary … Continue reading Oven Roasted Marinara Sauce

Salsa Fried Chicken

Last Monday was Tex-Mex night at Hunk House. I made an amazing Oven Roasted Salsa, Salsa Fried Chicken with Corn and Jalapeño Corn Muffins in an attempt to use up the large volumes of peppers and tomatoes from my Salsa Garden. Everything was delicious and so fresh tasting, not to mention super easy! Ingredients: 1 C. Oven Roasted Salsa, plus more for dipping later 3 Boneless Skinless … Continue reading Salsa Fried Chicken

Oven Roasted Salsa

I have been trying to get creative with my Salsa Garden this year. Since I decided to use all Burpee plants my gardens have produced double what I am used to and it has pushed me to try new and exciting things in the kitchen. Monday night I made Oven Roasted Salsa, Salsa Fried Chicken and Jalapeño Corn Muffins.  After bringing in a fresh batch of Bell Peppers, … Continue reading Oven Roasted Salsa

Raised Planter

My garden engineer and I were at it again! This time making a Raised Planter Box. I have been using mine as a Salsa Garden growing Tomatoes and different types of Peppers. Once you have your box made it is important to get good quality plant/seeds and nice black dirt. This will give your garden the best chance of growing quality produce. I have found through research … Continue reading Raised Planter

How to Trellis Your Berry Bushes

I have decided to try growing berry bushes this year in addition to my usual vegetable and herb gardens. After doing A LOT of research I decided to try and get everything from Burpee. I did research on several different plant companies and Burpee always had the best reviews. I have had problems with bad quality plants in the past and I wanted to do things … Continue reading How to Trellis Your Berry Bushes