Last weekend I went on 11836849_10152938227751993_8870386432139442189_na camping adventure with my friend Lauren. I’m not an experienced camper so I did what I imagine any city girl would do. I pulled up to my computer and googled “Camping”, I also did the same thing on Pinterest. I must say the images I scanned through really pumped me up for the weekend. There were so many beautiful images and made camping look so glamorous and easy. I have definitely added “Glamping” to my to do list.

During my search I explored snack posts and found several about fun ways to make s’mores. My favorite involved dipping your marshmallow into Baileys Irish Cream after roasting.

We tried the dunking method and it was a huge success, I would definitely recommend it for your next adult camping excursion. I will be trying a combination of techniques at my bonfire this coming weekend. I have heard about stuffing marshmallows with Rolos or Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups before roasting. Candy stuffed mallows dipped in booze…is there anything better?!11828624_10152938217396993_1646200934524538692_n