Rolo Stuffed Boozy Mallows

Recently my friend Ali bought a new house much closer to me and as a result I usually have a bonding night with her and her boyfriend at least once a week. This past Saturday I went over for dinner and a bonfire. I made sure I showed up prepared for some epic adult s’mores. I decided to give my Boozy Mallow recipe another go, … Continue reading Rolo Stuffed Boozy Mallows


Boozy Mallows

Last weekend I went on a camping adventure with my friend Lauren. I’m not an experienced camper so I did what I imagine any city girl would do. I pulled up to my computer and googled “Camping”, I also did the same thing on Pinterest. I must say the images I scanned through really pumped me up for the weekend. There were so many beautiful images … Continue reading Boozy Mallows