Drunk & Dangerous Strawberries

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day but I have a deep passion for anything chocolate so I couldn’t resist trying a new spin on a romantic classic. These strawberries were delicious and addicting. The only thing I would do differently is make more next time! They are so easy and very fun to surprise that special someone for a stay-at-home date night. Ingredients: 1 Liter Flavored Vodka (chocolate, … Continue reading Drunk & Dangerous Strawberries

Boozy Mallows

Last weekend I went on a camping adventure with my friend Lauren. I’m not an experienced camper so I did what I imagine any city girl would do. I pulled up to my computer and googled “Camping”, I also did the same thing on Pinterest. I must say the images I scanned through really pumped me up for the weekend. There were so many beautiful images … Continue reading Boozy Mallows


Wop was always a pretty standard sight at the cheesy theme parties in college. Many people also call it Jungle Juice. I never trusted the wop in college, the thought of a mysterious liquid in a dirty cooler sitting in a moldy basement that everyone had been dipping their cups and hands into was not my jam… However now that I am older and much more … Continue reading Wop