This past year my mother has really gotten on board with my Cricut crafts, finding new and cute things that I can make for her co-workers. Her newest project for me has been these cute little paper pumpkins. She was inspired after a visit to Home Essentials Boutique in Woodbury, MN. She found this little paper pumpkin there and knew instantly that she needed to buy it and figure out a way to make it on her own.

Original Paper Pumpkin
As she started dissecting her purchase in the car I took one glance at it and informed her that I should be able to make something similar on my Cricut no problem. That evening I took to Pinterest looking for a template. I did struggle to find the right search terms but eventually, I did find what I was looking for. Many of the sites I found were selling a two-part template that would require you to cut and paste the pieces together before folding. In the end, I ended up making my own template based on a scan of my mom’s original.

Pumpkin Template

I used my Cricut to cut out my template as one solid piece on orange card stock. I was then able to draw on the jack-o’-lantern face with a sharpie. we filled each pumpkin with either a trick (eyeball bouncy balls, spider rings, various stickers) or a treat (candy). We folded up the pumpkin and tied it off with green curling ribbon. Finally, we printed off a list of fun Halloween Trivia. On Halloween, if her co-workers are interested they can take a shot at a trivia question to win a pumpkin!

Paper Pumpkins

I love this cute idea and wish we would have come up with it sooner so I could have done it for my co-workers as well. This will definitely be something I will do next year!