It’s Valentine’s Day and for many of us that means flowers. I am a big flower person and try to keep some fresh in my house as often as possible. More often than not when I receive flowers they are a simple bundle of one type of flower. Follow along as I show you how to fluff a simple bouquet to make your arrangement really pop.

Go from this:
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To this!
Processed with VSCO with q5 preset In just a few simple steps.

What you will need:

  • Wide mouth vase- I found this vase at Ikea for $20 the other day.
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  • Scotch tape
  • Your flowers- I used white roses
  • Three types of green- As my Reba likes to say “Filler, spiller, thriller” I used lambs ear, silver dollar eucalyptus and myrtle (not sure on the last one). All these are fake that I reuse time and time again, its nice to have different lengths (thrillers) and textures (fillers) Always use something with a slight droop to it (spiller). (I was able to get all the greens and complementing fake flowers for about $20 at Hobby Lobby.)
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  • Small bloom flowers or filler in complementing colors- I used thistle and lavender.


Lets get started:

  1. Fill your vase half full of cold water.
  2. Use your tape to make a grid across the top of the vase mouth.
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  3. Working in a circle take your spiller (mine was the myrtle) and fill the outside edges of your grid so that the green droops down the sides of your vase.
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  4. Distribute your gifted flowers (white roses) as much as you can. I try to get one in every grid slot if possible, working from the center towards the edges.
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  5. Work in your filler (lambs ear) use this to fluff the space between your flowers. Don’t be afraid to cut your flowers, filler etc so you can get the right lengths for your vision. Just remember to start long, you can always cut more but you can’t add it back.
  6. Place your thrillers (eucalyptus). Focus this in the center since this is where most of your height should be.
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  7. Now you can weave in your complimenting flowers until you get your desired look.
  8. If you have any of your spiller left you can use it to fill in any empty spaces to make your look more cohesive.
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  9. Voila, show off your gorgeous arrangement and brag to everyone that you have the best SO ever, always praise the effort of flowers to make sure they keep ’em coming.


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