After posting about Lainie’s Water Bottle the other day I thought I would give a little more detailed description of how to make your own personalized water bottle. I was inspired to make all this water bottles when I wasn’t able to buy the cute Skinny Bunny water bottles on their website. I have followed Skinny Bunny on Instagram for a long time and half the reason I decided to give their product a try was for their cute water bottle that is always pictured (lame I know). After scouring the web I learned that their water bottles are only available every once in a while. They are in high demand there were tons of comments on Instagram, Facebook and even in my Google search results asking how to purchase their water bottle.

After getting over my frustration that I couldn’t just buy the Skinny Bunny water bottle my mother suggested that I make my own. I knew that it was doable, I had seen all sorts of drinkware Cricut projects posted on both the Cricut website and Pinterest. I have been hesitant to try Cricut projects using vinyl because it seemed difficult and expensive. Luckily neither were true. I was able to buy a 12 pack of vinyl in varying colors for around ten dollars. After practicing with Lainie’s Water Bottle I felt a lot more confident making my own. This time I decided I was going to try using the transfer tape which made life so much easier!!!!


  1. Use your Cricut Design Space to create your label. (I like to design mine in photoshop then import the image so I don’t have to pay for fancy fonts. You can also use Word or Paint to do the same thing.)
  2. Cut out design using your Cricut Explore.
  3. Use your Weeder tool to remove vinyl so you are left with the image you want to transfer
  4. Cut a portion of transfer tape slightly larger than design and adhere to design. I used the handle of my scissors to really press the tape down.
  5. Peel the tape off your cutting mat very slowly to remove your design. I cut a few slits around the edges of the tape to help the tape go on smoothly on the rounded shape of the water bottle.
  6. Slowly lay the transfer tape sticky side down onto the water bottle. I again used the handle of my scissors to remove all the air bubbles and press the design firmly onto the bottle.
  7. Slowly peel the transfer tape off making sure the vinyl is sticking to the bottle.
  8. Voila! Enjoy your new bottle, but remember this must be hand washed if you want the vinyl to stay on.