The fall is a time for harvest and gathering together with the people you love. I have two large friend groups that mean the world to me. When I am asked what I am most grateful for I always am quick to answer. I am thankful for the strong bonds I have developed with my friends, I believe I am truly blessed to have such supportive and devoted friends.

For the past couple of years, I have thrown my own fall dinner party called the Hunkiedorië Harvest Party, and each year it gets bigger and more fabulous. Last year was the 2nd Annual Hunkiedorië Harvest Party and it was proof once again that throwing the perfect fall dinner party is much easier than you might think. I have found a way to throw a Bohemian Chic dinner party while sticking to a tight budget by utilizing my local Goodwill. What started out as a bunch of high school friends coming together for a potluck and bonfire has now transformed into a full-fledged five-course dinner party with almost 40 guests.

This harvest party was a great opportunity for me to really bring my two friend groups together.  Because of the large numbers needed a large space and my parents were kind enough to let me use their gorgeous backyard as a perfect backdrop for my dream dinner party.

All the décor at my party I have either made myself or bought/refurbished from the Goodwill. I could make a complete place setting with plates, salad, and soup bowls as well and two glasses all for under $10 per person. Last year I was able to bring in my friend Danielle, owner of Minne Pristine & Co., to stage my party. Having a professional come in and stage the perfect scene was such a huge time saver on my party and I am still in awe that Danielle was able to make sense of the dozens of boxes filled with mismatched Goodwill chaos and recreate the dozens of Pinterest inspiration photos I had shared with her the week before. The dinner had the most beautiful Bohemian Chic vibe with mismatched dishes, jewel tone glasses, and layered flannels. For years, I have relished the times when I get compliments on pieces of furniture or gorgeous dishes and am able to tell my friends “Yeah, I got that at the Goodwill for like $9 and refinished it. Since I have taken up the hobby of reusing items found at the Goodwill I have been able to get my friends on board and teach them all about re-upholstering, bar-cart decorating and dinner party organizing while all on a very tight budget.

Hunkiedorie & OhSoNeat





The two biggest additions to last years party were my charcuterie table and seating area where everyone could lounge around while playing games. The only thing I would change is starting the party earlier so my guests could utilize these additions a little bit more.

HHP Charcuterie Table 1

HHP Charcuterie Table

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.49.03 PM


HHP2 Sitting Area

I had around forty guests at last year’s party and served a five-course meal. All I asked of my guests was that they bring their own beverages and a donation for the Goodwill. I was so impressed by the generosity of my friends, they really took my request for donations to heart. Following the party, I could completely fill the back of my truck with donations and it took me three trips to get it all there. Nothing feels better than having a good time while doing good at the same time. Not only was I able to collect a ton of donations, but I also had a chance to educate my friends about what the Goodwill really does with their donations.



IMG_2973 (1)


HHP2 Donations

Goodwill has always been very near and dear to my heart, and Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota is nearing one hundred years of providing services that eliminate barriers to work and independence. Their programs and services help place 4 Minnesotans in the workplace every day. Anytime I can donate items, round up at the register or spread the word about Goodwill I jump at the opportunity.

For images and details of my Goodwill pieces and to learn step by step how I put together my Hunkiedorie Harvest Party check out my other posts or