Over the past three years, my life has become a real-life version of the movie 27 Dresses. Since December 2015 I have been involved in 10 weddings. Through the years I have had a chance to experience a variety of different wedding styles. What do I do with the experience? Well, I share it with you of course. Sometimes wedding research on Pinterest can get a little overwhelming and unrealistic. What better inspiration than hearing about tying the knot from some of my brides. Over the next week, I will give you an inside look at some weddings I have either been involved in or have admired while finding out exactly what the brides felt about their big day.


Ali & Ben


There has been a long-standing joke that Ali, although not at all related to us, is the favorite Hunk child. The sad part, I think my parents actually mean it. It was so wonderful being a part of Ali & Ben’s wedding. Their family is near and dear to my heart and is something I hope to have on my own someday.

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Ali 2-01
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Ali 4-01
Ali 5-01


Ali and Ben are coming up on their first anniversary and I couldn’t be more happy for them.

Some of the things that stood out to me as a guest:

  • The AMAZING staff at JX. I joined Ali on several of their meetings and tastings and everyone at JX was always so accommodating. The entire process was the most organized and stress-free of any event companies I have seen in action. Their all-inclusive wedding packages have every detail covered including the most gorgeous rental properties across the alley from the venue. Ali and her bridesmaids were able to have a slumber party complete with champagne and on the rooftop deck overlooking the river the night before the wedding. (I think this was my favorite moment of the whole weekend).
  • A Shade For Every Occasion. This was my first encounter with LipSense and I haven’t looked back since. I feel bad that my giant draw of lipstick is collecting dust but once you try SeneGence products it’s hard to go back to the old way of doing things. Being a bridesmaid means a long day of being picture-perfect, and not having to worry about smudging or reapplying my lipstick was one way of making my day easier.
  • Pizzelle – Ali is Italian and Irish. Because of this, she found several wonderful ways to include her Italian heritage. One of these was the homemade pizzelles. Her Aunties all pitched in and made bags and bags of this crisp little melt in your mouth waffle cookies. Ainsley and I got the task of setting them up on the dessert table and were able to eat all the “damaged” ones.
    IMG_0626 2

Their wedding was one that I really got involved in helping them DIY a lot of their details.

Hunkiedorië items:

  • Rustic Signs – Ben made the signs out of wood from his family farm and Ali and I did the lettering.
  • Photo Booth Sign: #RaiseAGlassToPendergrass, Originally made for Ali’s bridal shower, we were able to reuse the sign in the photo booth at JX.
  • Wedding Hashtag: Bathtub brainstorming at its best, give me a glass of wine and an hour in the tub and I had a list of options fired off to Ali.
  • Bridal Shower Invites: Good old Vistaprint never steers me wrong.
  • Snapchat Filter: I reused the main design theme from the bridal shower invites to make a wedding filter for the wedding.


Vendors Ali would recommend:


Check out Hunkiedorië tomorrow to hear all about my friend Megan’s #GangnonStyle wedding!