If you are traveling near Spooner Wisconsin Poor Richard’s Antiques is a must! Over Memorial Day Weekend I visiting my friends Megan and Tom in Cameron Wisconsin. Tom really outdid himself that weekend and I absolutely love him for it. He was tasked with planning the activities for our visit. Looking back I don’t think he could have done a better job. He managed to combine all of our favorite activities into one day!

Group Pic


To start off the day Tom made us a killer breakfast and told us to get ready. Once he got us all piled into the car we started driving towards Spooner Wisconsin, which is about 45 min from their place. He knew of a wine bar he wanted to take us to and had a few stops that he wanted to take along the way. Just before reaching downtown Spooner we stopped at Poor Richards Antiques. I swear this was a junker’s paradise. There was so much too look at I could have easily spent all day there. As soon as I thought I had seen it all we would discover a new room or even a whole barn filled to the brim with discarded trophies and dusty furniture stacked almost to the ceiling.

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PRA Posts


I was fascinated with these crates scattered throughout the property filled with this beautiful bell-shaped glass. Us girls were curious about what these gorgeous little pieces were. When Tom found us crowded around one of these crates speculating what they could be he informed us that they were used as conductors on early electrical power lines. After impressing us with his random knowledge he walked a few steps and found us a huge cast iron pot practice our witchcraft (it gave us a good laugh, gotta love a goofy guy).


PRA Skull


This place provided the perfect opportunity to get lost and take pictures. Every nook and cranny of this place provided a new curiosity to allow your imagination to run wild. I hope I get a chance to go back and spend more time exploring.

Poor Richard's Antiques