Alright, you’re in the Twin Cities for Super Bowl LII. We have covered where to go for breakfast and what adventures to take while your here, now where do you go for lunch?


 The 1029 Bar
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If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be the bacon mac n’ cheese from 1029 Bar. Known for their lobster rolls and lobster mac and cheese the food at 1029 is sinfully delicious. Grab a beer and some pull-tabs, play some bingo or even give karaoke a try while you check out the best dive bar Northeast has to offer.
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Since 1954 Kramarczuks has been serving up Eastern European home cooking like no one else. Jump in line at this deli-style restaurant and order up some traditional Eastern European dishes like cabbage rolls or piroshki. This food is sure to keep you warm as you brave our chilly Minnesota weather.
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The Great Ju(i)cy Lucy Debate

A source of Minnesota pride and a rivalry equal to the Packers vs. Vikings. There is no middle ground when it comes to team Matt’s of team 5-8.  While you’re in Minnesota test these burgers out for yourself and decide who is the champ.

Matt’s Bar & Grill
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Most say that Matt’s is the original (and it’s my personal favorite). This hole in the wall burger haven has been serving up the lava pocket goodness that is the Jucy Lucy since 1954. Keep it simple the Jucy Lucy, side of fries and a can of pop (say it right you are in Minnesota, not Minnesoda) is all you will need to get you refueled for some more winter excursions.
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5-8 Club
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5-8 Club is the Juicy Lucy rival of Matt’s Bar. 5-8 Club has been cranking out these blissful burgers since 1928. The spelling isn’t the only difference between these two burger builders. 5-8’s burgers are massive in comparison and with four locations you can get your golden gooey fix whenever you get a craving.
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Blue Door Pub
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Still, craving more? No worries we have you covered, Blue Door Pub deserves an honorable mention in the Jucy Lucy competition. Home of the Blucy, stuffed with…you guessed it blue cheese. With a handful of different stuffed burger options, you are sure to find something inspiring on the menu. Don’t forget to make any burger a Jiffy, add thick-cut bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese, mayo, & peanut butter.
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