A few weeks ago I had a date take me out for one of the most memorable dates I have ever been on. I was told to meet him at Loring Park in Minneapolis at 7 pm. Upon arrival he told me that we were going to learn how to Salsa Dance at Four Seasons Dance Studio. I had an absolute blast, it was so fun to be dancing again. The staff was so friendly and energetic.


After our dance class we walked down the street to The Third Bird where he had made dinner reservations. Knowing that I am a foodie he had done his research and The Third Bird is listed as one of the best menus in the area. We were shone to our seats and left to browse the menu for a moment before our server came to greet us. Upon his arrival I realized that our server Jeremy and I had worked together at Macy’s when I was in college. After briefly catching up he recommended some of their specialty drinks which we promptly ordered. When he returned with our drinks my date and I asked for some menu suggestions and were given a few more minutes to consider our order. We decided to try a few different options and share so we could try as much of the menu as possible (this is always my favorite route so I was pleased when my date suggested it.)


We ended up ordering the sweet corn with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, grilled asparagus with olives, the trout with capers; fennel; lemon and olives (Jeremy’s recommendation), and the cheeseburger with pickled radish and 7 year cheddar. Jeremy took our order and left us to chat. We were warned that the drinks were strong but HOLY COW! Our drinks however strong were delicious but could take your breath away if you sipped too much.

While we were waiting we were able to glance around and take in the decore and I instantly fell in love. The interior of the restaurant felt like something out of a movie it was so beautifully laid out and designed. It was like a Pinterest on crack but all incredibly tasteful and complimented the space perfectly. I wanted to go home and redecorate to match what I was seeing.

Our food came out fairly quickly and it all looked delicious. I would have to say that the corn and the burger were easily my favorites. The corn had so much flavor and this beautiful creamy texture that was absolutely divine. But that burger…forget about it! I can’t even describe its juicy deliciousness. I might have to say it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had (and I love burges). The asparagus and the trout were both very good as well and I would recommend them to anyone dining there.

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Since The Third Bird is conveniently located across the street from Loring Park we were able to take a nice walk through the park after dinner and walk off some of our food. I had such a wonderful time that I haven’t been able to sing the praises of both Four Seasons Dance Studio and The Third Bird, this is definitely one post I have been looking forward to writing.

Later when I was researching The Third Bird I was pleasantly surprised to notice on their website they were Highlighted as part of Deluxe Corporation’s Small Business Revolution. I currently work for Deluxe Corp. and as part of our 100 year anniversary Deluxe is highlighting 100 Small Businesses from across the country for 2015. This recognition is very well deserved and I was so happy to experience one of the small businesses the company I work for is highlighting.

To find out more about Four Seasons Dance Studio you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook. You should also check out The Third Bird website or follow them on  Facebook, Instagram and  Twitter