This Monday my Dad and I celebrated the last day of our Father Daughter Bonding Week by going out to dinner at Roma. Roma is a local hotspot, it’s always packed and I have heard nothing but wonderful things in the past. We pass this restaurant all the time on our way to church and decided that it was time we stopped in.

vscocam-photo-3 (1)The parking lot was intimidating it was so full we weren’t sure we were going to be able to find a spot. Luckily we found one up front no problem. The dining area was seat yourself so we grabbed a nice big booth against the back wall. After waiting for a bit (the place was packed and only two people were working the restaurant) our server came over with some menus and greeted us.  We ordered a bottle of Chianti which was absolutely wonderful and the Antipasto Platter (Dad’s fave) to start. The Antipasto Platter although very simple was delicious, I now have a new found love for dried figs! We had ordered our meals just at the same time as our appetizers. Dad got the Carnival Linguine (shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage, spiced cream) and I got the Chicken Parmesan (I had been craving chicken parm all day), both came with Caesar Side Salads. Soon after we finished our appetizer our salads arrived. They were heaping mounds of perfect greens on a little plate and a little dry but they got the job done just fine, I loved the thick slices of shaved parm on the salad. About ten minutes later our server brings over our meals. They both look heavenly and smell just as good. Dad was a big fan of his and my chicken was divine. Im not sure what they did to this chicken but it had the most perfect crust to it, I couldn’t eat it fast enough.

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After eating to the point of exploding we decided to punish ourselves with dessert. We were informed that there was an in house pastry chef and that we should try the Tiramisu. Little did our server know that he was speaking our language (we are suckers for Tiramisu). We ordered one plate two forks and one coffee. The coffee was monstrous and the Tiramisu was decadent, drizzled in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chocolate chips, what’s not to love?!

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The food, service and atmosphere are on point at Roma in Mahtomedi. I would recommend it to anyone, although there doesn’t seem to be a need to since everyone around knows and loves them. I cant wait to go back and try more of their fantastic menu items, or maybe take advantage of their take out option. For more information you can go to their website, or like them on Facebook.