Welcome to this new addition to the Hunkiedorie site called Bee’s Knees. This will be part of our Hunk’s Buzz section of the site where we give a shout out to bloggers and websites that we feel you ought to know about.

In this first edition of Bee’s Knees I wanted tokelleycassie_1431731273_62 give a special shout out to my friend Cassie and her new blog Half Ass Chic Crafts. On her blog Cassie’s main focus is making crafts more accessible. She finds crafts that appeal to her and her adorable shabby chic style and finds a way to cut them down to just a few steps keeping them “ADHD friendly” for those who prefer instant gratification in their creations.

Half Ass Chic Crafts is adorable, fun and will keep you laughing in her Word Vomit section. I would definitely recommend checking out her site if you are new to crafting or just looking for a fun read! Everything on her site is kept simple and is straight to the point so you won’t get lost in a million steps which when it comes down to it we all want to skip through anyways. Cassie has found through trial and error what steps are important and what steps aren’t. She has a wonderful way of phrasing things that keeps you entertained while staying informed.