Supporing small businesses is always terrific but its even better when its someone you know. The Loft at Studio J and JX Event Venue is one of those unique situations where the community really gets to rise up and support one of their own. Mr. Sather was a favorite teacher of many North High students who eventually went on to open up the now hugely successful Loft at Studio J

O'Donovan Wedding

Photo by: 507 STUDIO Trina Severson

What started out as a small photography studio in Stillwater Minnesota has grown into a now Fairytale dream of many brides within the state.  The beautiful rustic industrial atmosphere will leave you drooling and your set your imagination racing. People are usually tripping over themselves to book a time slot at the popular venue, but get in line, no one is more loyal and exited to support their own than the North High students who grew up with Sather as a teacher and now want to start a new chapter of their lives in the beautiful space Sather and his team offer.

The Loft Events

Photo By: Judd Sather Photography & Studio J, Inc.

Within minutes of meeting Sather and his team you feel instantly at ease. They don’t give the impression of a business working cookie cutter events squeezing in as many as they can. You are greeted with huge smiles and genuine excitement to help you make your event everything you had dreamed and more. The entire staff at The Loft a Studio J takes their time to really connect with you and guide you through your entire planning process from start to finish, leave the details to them, there is a reason they are the best at what they do. With a huge list of affiliated vendors all who gush about how great the Studio J family its hard to even consider going anywhere else.

The Loft Windows

Photo by: Judd Sather Photography & Studio J, Inc.

This past weekend my newly engaged friend Ali and I attended a wedding show  hosted by Studio J. Ali had connected with Josh, a lead photographer at the Loft, the previous weekend and expressed her desire to look at the soon to open JX Event venue. Under his instruction we showed up early to Studio J and were given a tour by Mr. Sather. I said it during the tour and I’ll say it now, even under construction the JX Event Venue is so stunning I would have cleared a spot on the floor and married someone right then and there.

JX Styled Shoot

JX Styled Shoot: Judd Sather Photography & Studio J, Inc.

Located in historic down town Stillwater, what was originally the Connolly Shoe Factory  built in 1905, is now in the process of becoming a 42,000 square foot, three level dream venue. Complete with the most amazing natural lighting that would make the conservatory at Como Park turn green with envy. The exposed brick and beautiful architecture glows as the sunlight pours through the window filled room. With the perfect bridal suite, grooms room and elaborate staircase in the makes you feel like you have stepped into a building designed for the silver screen. Mr. Sather is lucky he didn’t have to drag me out of there kicking and screaming, I could have spent days in there taking it all in.

JX Event Venue

JX Styled Shoot: Judd Sather Photography & Studio J, Inc.

The JX Event Venue will be large enough 740 seated guests. The lower levels of the building will become home to a wide range of tenants related to the wedding and event industry. Catering, hair salon, photography studio, and a secret speakeasy lounge all located in one perfect place. I was floored when I found out that The JX Event Venue plans to open up a speakeasy  lounge to the public, which is sure to become the new favorite for anyone within 50 miles.

JX Styled Shoot 2

JX Styled Shoot: Judd Sather Photography & Studio J, Inc.

The Judd Sather Photography brand has really become a huge source of pride for the Polars and a favorite of anyone who has had any experience with their staff or event spaces. I know my friend Ali is dying to use them for her upcoming wedding, heck if I had a groom I would sign myself up today without hesitation. To find more information on The Loft at Studio J or the New JX Event Venue you must check out their stunning websites. You can also follow both the The Loft  and JX Event Venue on Facebook  and don’t forget follow their Instagram accounts for inspiration on your upcoming events.

The Loft at Studio J

The Loft at Studio J: Photo by Judd Sather Photography & Studio J, Inc.