I have slowly but surely been working away at crossing restaurants off my list. Last year I started a little notebook where I could jot down ideas for Hunkiedorie.net After time I realized that this notebook really became a list of all the local hotspots I wanted to visit. I have finally started to whittle away at the list and have had the best time. Most recently I tried Muddy Waters Bar & Eatery in Uptown (Minneapolis). I am always seeing their amazing cuisine pop up on my Instagram feed. When a friend asked me out for dinner and asked if I had a place in mind I couldn’t get the words out fast enough! Although he is skeptical of all the Hipster IPA filled restaurants in Uptown he humored me.

After driving around for ages trying to find parking (always a nightmare in uptown) we snagged a spot about 4 blocks from the restaurant. As we approached the Muddy Waters we noticed a lot of people sitting out side or standing around the door. I started to get a little nervous I didn’t have a back up planned and I really had to talk this place up to get my friend Zach there.

Muddy-Waters Bar & Eatery

The doors lead us through some heavy velvet curtains and directly into the dining area. I have to admit I expected something much larger. We were greeted by a sweet little hostess and informed that it would be about a 30 minute wait-not nearly as bad as I was expecting. We made our way over to the bar to grab a drink while we waited. I was instantly in love with the feel and energy in Muddy waters. The place had such an effortless cool to it I could have stayed forever (or at the very least steal the gorgeous mirrors that hang behind the bar). Two big burly gentlemen saw us trying to order a drink and offered us their seats. I was so overwhelmed by their kind offer I almost cried (which seems to be my new favorite reaction to everything but thats a whole other story.) We ordered our drinks and glanced over the menu. I instantly wanted everything. The bar tenders were so friendly and really made the whole experience the best I’ve had in a long time. They made a few suggestions on the menu and were so fun to talk with we decided just to stay and eat at the bar.

Muddy Waters

Per the waiters (and several patrons) recommendation we ordered the Harvest Board for the two of us to split. I knew its what I wanted all along, after seeing tons of pictures on line how could I not?! Time was flying by we were having such a good time and before we knew it our food was delivered. There was so much I didn’t know where to start, luckily the woman who brought out our food was kind enough to give us a quick rundown of everything in front of us.

Market Board

Zach and I had so much fun mixing and matching different bites. Zach was comparing me to a scene from Ratatouille with every bite I was excited over the amazing flavor combinations and kept urging him to try  things first one way then another. And obligingly he did.


We forced ourselves to eat just about everything on the plate, we couldn’t bare to let a single bite go untouched everything was so good. As we sat in stuffed content thinking we couldn’t move even if we wanted to we were informed that we still had a dessert course ahead of us. We both looked at each other with panic but the bartender assured us that it would be easy it was only a Mexican hot chocolate. Instantly I couldn’t wait, Mexican Hot Chocolate is absolutely to die for.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Both Zach and I had such a wonderful time at Muddy Waters I can’t wait to go back this summer and try out their patio, I will definitely have to throw down a Sunday Funday at this place this summer! Thank you so much to Muddy Waters and their killer staff for a wonderful evening, I can’t wait to go back!

For more information about Muddy Waters you can check out their website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.