This past weekend Sam and I celebrated our first year together. As we were planning our weekend we decided not to do gifts but I had voiced how much I loved the idea of traditional anniversary gifts. Sam seemed very confused by the idea having never heard of the concept.

I began to mention it to some of my girlfriends who had not heard of traditional anniversary gifts either. The more I thought about it the more I realized you rarely hear about anyone under the age of fifty being familiar with the idea. I think it is a wonderful tradition and think that the younger generation should work to make it a more commonplace practice for young married couples.

My wonderful friend Lainie was thrilled with the idea of this wonderful tradition. She offered to use her wonderful design skills to help me blog about this and spread the word. Here you can find her work listing the traditional anniversary gift themes by year.

A few days after my chat with Lainie I was watching a rerun of Modern Family on late night TV and was thrilled as two of the characters were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary with Chinese (china) acrobats. This restored my faith in pop culture, maybe these wonderful traditions aren’t lost. Maybe they have just fallen out of practice waiting to be remembered.