To know Lainie is to love her. I have never seen anyone who can feel with such a wide array of emotions and so deeply. I have known Lainie since she was 14 and the longer I know her the more she teaches me about what it is to be a friend. Lainie has shown me that being a true friend isn’t about being acknowledged but it means that you are there at all times no matter what. It may seem simple but Lainie has been someone I have always been able to depend on. She may be tender-hearted but with a fierce devotion to those she loves, that is often unmatched. When I met Greg I knew that my little Loonie Toon had found her match. Greg is the most patient and sweet gentle giant I have ever met. Seeing them together is to see what a marriage partnership is supposed to be. Every time I catch Greg looking at Lainie it is easy to see that he adores her completely and makes me love him even more.

This was the first wedding I wasn’t a part of but Lainie kept me looped in on all of her wedding planning and scheming. It was easy to see that Lainie’s love for classic style and subtle elegance would be perfectly showcased in her wedding.



Lainie & Greg

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Some of the things that stood out to me as a guest:

  • Their Alter: Lainie and Greg had the most beautiful custom cross during their ceremony. It showcased their faith while tying in with the classic elegance of the ceremony.
  • Staycation Destination Wedding- Technically I guess you could say that Lainie had a destination wedding. She was married two hours north of the cities in Duluth. It was like a mini-vacation with all my friends without the drain on your wallet and PTO that a typical destination wedding would be. Many of us made a whole weekend of it and were able to do hikes and sightseeing along the north shore.

  • Greysolon Ballroom –  I had gone to college in Duluth I had never been to Greysolon. It was where all the fancy things happened in town and I can see why. This venue is absolutely stunning and fit Lainie’s style perfectly.

Vendors Lainie would recommend:

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