Roasted red peppers add an extra punch to any meal. Their amazing earthy, smoky flavor can step up any pasta or sauce. The smell alone is intoxicating and it is so easy to do on your own you will never need to buy the jarred stuff again. This technique can work on any variety of veggies, red peppers just happen to be my favorite. Make sure you don’t seed the peppers until the end or they will be more difficult to handle over the flame.


  • 1-2 Red Peppers


  1. Rinse and dry pepper
  2. Start burner or grill to a medium low flame.
  3. Place pepper on its side on the eye or grill.
  4. use tongs to rotate the pepper when it begins to get charred.
  5. Once pepper is charred on all sides place pepper inside a brown paper bag and roll shut.
  6. Let pepper rest in bag for about ten min.
  7. seed and chop to desired size to use for your recipe.