Veggie Flank Steak Rolls with Balsamic Rosemary Glaze

These steak rolls have been on my to do list for months now. They looked so beautiful on pinterest I couldn’t wait to try making them on my own. I would recommend doubling sauce so you have some for dipping, it is delicious! Ingredients: 8 Slices Flank Steak 1 C. Olive Oil 1 C. Potato Seasoning 1 T. Fresh Rosemary (chopped) 1 Red Bell Pepper … Continue reading Veggie Flank Steak Rolls with Balsamic Rosemary Glaze


Clean Eating Jambalaya

Jambalaya has never been one of my favorite meals but it was nice to try a clean version of my normal recipe. There weren’t too many changes between the two recipes I just had to be more cognoscente of the quality of ingredients I was using. This recipe is not for those of you with sensitive or bland pallets. This Jambalaya definitely packs a fiery … Continue reading Clean Eating Jambalaya

Turkey Quinoa Meatballs

I am so excited about this recipe. Since I have started my clean eating experiment I have been faced with veggie heavy recipes. When I came across this recipe I was pumped! This seemed like something I would make anyway regardless of how clean it was. I froze mine since there are so many fun meals that I will be able to use these in. They were very easy to make … Continue reading Turkey Quinoa Meatballs

Chicken Tortilla Stew

This recipe was a little out of my comfort zone. I’m not big on spicy food, vegetables or Mexican cuisine. However I know that by challenging my self to eat clean these types of foods are gonna become fairly common. Luckily once I made this soup and tried it I fell in love. It had such a wonderful texture and was packed with flavor. It … Continue reading Chicken Tortilla Stew

Crock Pot Paprika Rubbed Roast Chicken

This is my first real attempt at intentionally making a clean dinner that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. I am so excited by how well this turned out. I ended up shredding the meat to use on sandwiches, salads and wraps for my lunches the rest of the week. This is such an easy way to cook chicken I can’t imagine roasting chicken any other way. Ingredients: … Continue reading Crock Pot Paprika Rubbed Roast Chicken

Clean Eating For Beginers

Yesterday I spent a few hours trying to familiarize myself with the basics of Clean Eating. Its a term I have heard thrown around quite a bit on social media and all my friends who have dropped weight and adopted a serious healthy lifestyle swear by it. But what is clean eating? I always assumed it meant no fun, heavy veggies light on flavor. So … Continue reading Clean Eating For Beginers