Alright, at this point you should know the drill. Because I have already read so much this year I have decided to break my favorite annual post (my reading list) into a monthly series. You can also keep up with Hunkiedorië this year as I release more book content than I have in the past. Let me know what you think, do you have any suggestions on what I should read next?

This month I read through the majority of sister authors Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti’s published works. I first read the Zodiac Academy series and then the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac series. I would recommend reading those in the opposite order. Like many people I had a love hate relationship with the Zodiac Academy, I think if I would have read Ruthless Boys first I would have been better off. I couldn’t get on board with the bully aspect of ZA and RB seemed to be a better way to ease into the mentality that this world/society holds towards that type of behavior. Ruthless boys turned out to be one of my favorite series of the years thus far, and the audio books are fantastic! I have these books in all three formats (print, digital, audio) I liked them that much. Unfortunately Warrior Fae isn’t out on Audible yet but hopefully we will see it soon.

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What I’ve read so far:

My January Reading List

My February Reading List

My March Reading List

My April Reading List

And now…may I present…

My May 2022 Reading List

Dark Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac: Book 1) x3

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

What do a heartless Dragon Shifter, a cold-blooded Basilisk, an arrogant Lion Shifter and a brooding, tattooed Harpy have in common…?


Elise Callisto. Vampire. Angel of vengeance. And a girl on a mission to destroy one of them for murdering my brother. I just don’t know which one did it yet.

When I interrogated/accidentally killed a Werewolf who was high on a new and dangerous drug called Killblaze, his final words painted a dark reality for me. The King of Aurora Academy killed my brother. The trouble is, there’s four kings at the academy and each of them have motive and bloodthirsty natures.

Aurora Academy isn’t a place for the faint of heart. To put it lightly, my town is the cesspit of Solaria where the most cutthroat Fae in the kingdom reside. The school itself is divided by the two gangs who run this city. The Lunar Brotherhood and the Oscura Clan. And guess what? Two of the kings run the gangs at the academy, their hatred for each other so fierce I hear a day doesn’t go by without blood being spilled in the halls.

I might be a petite, lilac-haired girl who looks like I couldn’t hurt a fly, but they haven’t been introduced to my fangs yet. And they don’t know why I’m really here. Or that I’ll do whatever it takes to bring down the Fae who took my flesh and blood from me.

I don’t believe in fate, but I do know this… the King who killed my brother is a dead man walking. And I’m prepared to sacrifice my heart, body and soul to ensure I get my revenge.

Hunkiedorië Review: Another series with multiple POVs and PNR/RH, and I am a total sucker for it. This is a gritty, college age, steamy series set in a world where Fae fight to take whatever they want. This is a reverse harem series meaning the heroin will end up with multiple love interests so you never have to pick a favorite alphahole. You can expect dark and hot romance, and a twisted murder mystery which will leave your head spinning and your heart racing. – this series is set in the same world as Zodiac Academy but is its own story and can be read independently. I read the Zodiac Academy books first but I would highly recommend reading this series- The Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac- first. I think it serves as a better introduction to this world and makes the bully aspect of the Zodiac Academy series much more palatable since you go in having a better understanding of this society. And as you may notice I have in fact read this series three times in the month of May back to back it was that good.

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Savage Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac: Book 2) x3

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

There’s more to my brother’s murder than I realized…

Shadows in the halls, mysteries lurking around every corner. Whoever killed him is covering their tracks well. And now I’m walking a dangerous line between getting close to the four kings for information and wanting to crawl deeper under their skin for my own desires.

I can’t trust anyone. I can’t let my guard down. And I must keep the urges of my body separate from my heart. But I’m starting to break all of my own rules.

I just hope I’m not falling for my brother’s killer.

Hunkiedorië Review: Elise is building relationships with her kings while still wondering which is the king she should be worried had a hand in her brother’s death. So you get to see the wonderfully sarcastic comments between characters. You also get to see wonderful character growth for the main characters. Elise continues to learn there is still life after her brother’s death. The kings are growing as individuals and potential partners for Elise. Leon learns there is satisfaction in doing something for someone he cares about. Ryder is learning that there may be more to life than lust and pain. Dante and Leon show what true friendship is. Gabriel is learning that you can’t go through life alone. Dante continues to learn what it means to learn and what he would do for those he loves.

*Fun tip for readers Dante speaks a fair amount of Italian phrases in these books and the authors don’t translate them (which I surprisingly LOVED!) Each time I would find a phrase in the book I would use kindle’s amazing translate feature. Translating these phrases was like finding unexpected treasures in the book, that are right there for readers if they are willing to put in a little extra work.

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Vicious Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac: Book 3) x3

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

The King will fall.

While I continue my hunt for the Fae who killed my brother, I have to try to keep my heart away from the vicious boys who could be responsible for his death.

But as my investigation leads me down a dangerous road and answers seem closer than ever before, I’m whisked away to the elite school, Zodiac Academy, with the four Kings and my heart becomes more vulnerable than ever.

Hunkiedorië Review: If I said I was on the edge of my seat before, I am currently on the edge of a cliff and ready to jump headfirst into the next book, with so much excitement, drama, and mystery. Be ready for a rough ride; one minute, I’m laughing my butt off, and the next, I have tears rolling down my face. The balance between levity, love, and heartbreak is what makes this series so good. I’m totally emotionally invested in this series and keep coming back for more.

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Broken Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac: Book 4) x3

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Me and my kings have come as close to breaking as I ever could have feared.

Just as we were finding a way to get past our difficulties, the stars have torn us apart.

Can I fight against the will of the heavens or does fate have something unforeseen in store for me now?

While we’e reeling from the wheel of fate and trying to find a way to move on with our lives, our enemies are only growing more powerful. Felix Oscura is haunting Alestria with his bloodthirsty need to steal the power of the clan he was never destined to rule over.

And the illusive King is growing closer to their goal of taking control of the entire city and maybe even beyond. With challenges around every corner and the mysteries behind my brother’s death slowly starting to unravel, will I be able to piece everything together and find a way to overcome the will of the stars before it’s too late?

Hunkiedorië Review: Again another hands down amazing book by these awesome sister authors. Things start falling into place for the characters, the group is beginning to build a bond with one another, and we start to see that their relationship/pride may just be able to work. Then we get hit with more “wait a minute”, “wait, no!”, and “what just happened!” moments. And let me tell you, those moments are huge eye-openers. I was left with so many questions and can’t wait to find out what will happen next. Completely loved this book.

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Warrior Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac: Book 5) x3

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

I once thought one of my ruthless boys could be the killer I’m hunting. They’re all dark, deadly and more than capable of brutality. But now I’m held by the King I’ve been stalking in the shadows and when I unmask him, he’ll realize he made a huge mistake in taking my brother from this world.

My Kings are coming for me, I know that in my soul. They’re on their way to rip me from my enemy’s arms and tear him apart for me. My heart beats to the sound of their names. But I won’t wait around to be rescued. Everything has led me to this moment and I’m ready to destroy the Fae who stole my brother from me.

Secrets will be uncovered. Destiny will be decided. Death will deliver us all in the end. No one will escape the conclusion of this story without blood on their hands. I guess it’s a good thing I’m a Vampire then, because I just so happen to have a taste for blood.

Hunkiedorië Review: Warrior Fae is book 5 and the final book in the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac series picks up right from where the last book ends. Warrior Fae will leave you laughing, screaming, cheering, and ugly crying!! The characters by now have worked their way into your heart & you just can’t help but fall in love with all of them. In this final installment, we finally get answers and resolutions to set these beloved characters up for their happily ever after. This is a beast of a book, and there are a lot of story packed in plus a few time-lapsed epilogues.

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Zodiac Academy: The Awakening (Zodiac Academy Book 1)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

I’m a Gemini. Impulsive. Curious. Headstrong. A twin. Heir to a throne I know nothing about. And it turns out, I’m Fae.

But of course there’s a catch – all I have to do to claim my birth right is prove that I’m the most powerful supernatural in the whole of Solaria. And sure, technically that’s true as I’m the daughter of the Savage King. But the bit they didn’t put in the brochure was that every single Fae in this Kingdom would claim my throne if they could.

The school they’ve sent me to is both dangerous as sh*t and one helluva party. Vampires bite weaker students in the corridors, the Werewolf pack has orgies in the Wailing Wood at every full moon and don’t even get me started on the dark and twisted ways the Sirens use their powers on people’s emotions, or how my sinfully tempting Cardinal Magic teacher hosts detentions that leave people needing therapy.

Classes are totally interesting if you manage to live through them. And that Gemini star sign I mentioned? It now determines my elemental magic and affects my destiny, so learning astrology is essential if I’m going to beat down my classmates – which is actively encouraged by the way.

My biggest problem is the drool worthy Dragon shifter who has his eyes on my throne. He and his three psycho friends are determined to make my time here hell.

All I’ve got to do is survive. But fate might have other ideas.

Dammit, why couldn’t I have gotten a letter to Hogwarts?

***This is a dark, bully romance – don’t go expecting a sweet school for magic with friends around every corner. Fae fight for everything they own and Zodiac Academy is a cutthroat school for students aged 18+ where only the strongest prevail. There’s no Dumbledore here to save anyone’s ass and Lionel Acrux will give Voldemort a run for his money in the evil dictator category. So hold onto your stardust (broomsticks not required) and get ready for a bumpy ride***

Hunkiedorië Review: This was my first bully romance, I wish I would have read the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac series first (like a recommend in this post). To be honest, I was really frustrated by the bully aspect and turned off the whole series, but the way everyone carried on and on about these books on social media, I was determined to see it through, and I am glad I did. Eventually, the bully aspect faded away, and I learned to like the series much more later on.

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Zodiac Academy: Ruthless Fae (Zodiac Academy Book 2)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

They tried to break us.
They almost did.
But we’re not going anywhere.

The Celestial Heirs think the stars are on their side. But they don’t know what’s coming. We have to be smart. Fighting them one on one isn’t an option so we have to be stealthy. Remaining under the radar won’t be easy, but if we pull it off, they’ll never suspect our involvement when their lives start falling apart.

Besides, they’ve already taken us to the brink of hell, what more can they really do?

Hunkiedorië Review: Two twin girls against four hot guys who happen to be the most powerful guys in Solaria..what’s not to love? Although it seems as if all of Zodiac Academy is against the twins as they struggle to prove themselves. This book was a lot like the first book but it gave you a lot more which I enjoyed. In this book, I loved watching the twins get back at the heirs for what they did to them in the first book. Just be aware that the books DO end in agonizing cliffhangers… Luckily most of the books are available now though.

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Zodiac Academy: The Reckoning (Zodiac Academy Book 3)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

The answer to your question will be revealed on the Lunar Eclipse. But when finding the truth, don’t let the shadows take you.

The week of The Reckoning has begun.

And senior students have been tasked with making the freshmen’s lives pure hell as we prepare to take the assessment that will decide whether we stay at Zodiac Academy or lose our places here forever.

With the Lunar Eclipse on the horizon, my sister and I have more to worry about than just passing our exams.

A dark plot is unfolding and the shadows are drawing closer.

It looks like our enemies could be more powerful than we ever realized.

Hunkiedorië Review: Meh, more misery; everyone is upset with one another. I keep holding out for this series to get better. It is exciting, and I love the complexity of this world (continued on from Ruthless Boys), but at what point are we going to stop torturing the characters and move on to better things?

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Zodiac Academy: Shadow Princess (Zodiac Academy Book 4)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

The shadows are in my blood.

I can feel them crawling through me, slithering under my skin and taking me hostage. But the darkness within me, isn’t nearly as bad as the darkness that lives around me. The four heirs will stop at nothing to destroy the lives of me and my sister. But they haven’t figured out yet, we’re the strongest creatures they’ve ever known…

Hunkiedorië Review: First, need to say that extreme bullying isn’t my favorite, but this storyline intrigued me enough that I put up with the outrageous mean things done to the Vega twins rooting for them so deeply that I kept buying the next books in the series voraciously reading them well into the night hoping they would get vindication. By this point we are hitting book four, and I don’t feel like the books are progressing enough, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel (I hope), but I could really do without the bully aspect of the heirs vs. the Vegas, it is just tired by this point.

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Zodiac Academy: Cursed Fates (Zodiac Academy Book 5)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

After the devastating events at Zodiac Academy, we have to deal with this darker world we’re faced with.

Lionel seeks to hurt us, the Nymphs seek to hurt the entire Fae race, and between all of it, we just have to try and survive each day as it comes.

I’m afraid of everything falling apart, but it looks like it already has.

Hunkiedorië Review: It is hard to believe because so far I have found this entire series absolutely miserable, but this book was particularly heartbreaking in such a way that had me bawling thoroughly throughout. Im not really sure I like these books at this point but I am so invested and when there is a good moment its great so I keep on reading. But in actuality I just go back and re read the Ruthless Boys series when these books get to be too much.

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Zodiac Academy: Fated Throne (Zodiac Academy Book 6)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Fate has torn us apart and sometimes I believe the stars have given up on us altogether.

Without my sister, the world seems darker than ever before and the shadows loom thicker, rising up to answer the call of the Shadow Princess and changing the face of Solaria for good. Now Lionel Acrux has the strength to make a move for the throne, I’m not sure how much time we have left to stop him.

Our only hope is to find the Imperial Star before he does. We made the sacrifice the stars called for and we’re paying the price for that decision so it can’t be for nothing. But with the stars turning against us at every move, and the last light in the world seeming to fade, I’m afraid we’re almost out of time.

Hope is a dangerous thing. It’s the key to us fighting on. But it could be what destroys us in the end. One thing is for certain, I won’t stop until I have been reunited with my other half and together we will fight to take our crowns.

A war is coming. The throne is calling for a new monarch. And someone must answer its call.

Hunkiedorië Review: Aaand we’re back at it again with Tory and Darius. Their romance is wearing me out because so many pages had to be spent on them repairing their relationship YET AGAIN. You’d THINK they just made some huge progress and BAM suddenly it’s all gone. But, it has been great to see that the heirs and Vegas are beginning to put their differences aside, I just wish we could have done this four or five books ago! I am starting to like where the series is headed now that we seem to be on one team, but I think I am just ready to be done with this series. Only a few books left to go; let’s hope they make it good.

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Zodiac Academy: Heartless Sky (Zodiac Academy Book 7)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

The winds of fate are shifting, and it finally seems like they’ve been twisted in our favor.

On the run and cast out from society, we’ve been forced to hide from the mad man who stole our throne. But as more secrets come to light and my sister and I work harder than ever before to reach our potential and claim our birth right, the end is finally drawing closer.

There is no turning from this path now. The curse chases on our heels as time rushes by and the blood drenched destiny of the man I love looms ever closer just like the monster who stole our throne.

We must prepare for the final battle, but three things are clear now. The cards have already been dealt. Blood will spill for a new future to rise. And the stars themselves can’t help us.

The fight for the throne is upon us. All hail the heartless sky.

Hunkiedorië Review: It was so fun seeing some of my favorite characters from the Ruthless Boys series make an appearance in this book! Things finally seem to be turning around relationships are blossoming, friendships are growing, and then Peckham and Valenti light the whole thing on fire, and I can just imagine them cackling with evil glee as they leave us on the most devastating of cliffhangers. Thank goodness there is only one book left because I am so ready to be done with this.

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Zodiac Academy: Origins of an Academy Bully (Zodiac Academy Novella)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Dark magic is forbidden at Zodiac Academy. That’s why I hide it so well. But now I’m supposed to mentor Darius Acrux: the son of the most ruthless Dragon Shifter in Solaria. If he’s caught using blood magic, he’ll lose his claim to the throne. The problem is? Our families are up to something, and we’re determined to find out what. No matter what dark power we must turn to… Welcome to Zodiac Academy, where your star sign defines your destiny. As the Fae of the future, you will soon learn the merciless way to claim your power. Life among the Vampires, Shifters and Sirens is no easy ride, but if you can make it through your exams, you might just be able to harness your inner strength and earn your place among the elite.

This is a prequel novella set five years before Zodiac Academy: The Awakening

Hunkiedorië Review: A “fun” little prequel to the Zodiac Academy books that give you a glimpse into what went so wrong for Lance Orion after graduation. Not really something that is needed to further your understanding of the series, but I like to be thorough when I read a series, so I tend to read all related material.

Click here to buy Origins of an Academy Bully on Amazon

Zodiac Academy: The Awakening as Told by the Boys (Zodiac Academy Book 9)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

**This is a retelling of book 1 of Zodiac Academy from the perspective of Orion, Darius, Caleb, Seth and Max**

The Vega twins are alive.

Those five words circle in my mind like an oncoming storm. They change everything about the future we thought had been set in stone. They challenge everything we were raised to be and the stability of the entire kingdom.

They’re coming to our academy looking for the life that was stolen from them, but we can’t let them take it back.

So much hangs in the balance and we can’t risk the arrival of two naïve princesses destroying everything we worked so hard for.

I have trained in dark magic, overcome all challenges and stood in the shadow of Lionel Acrux for far too long already. I won’t let them come between me and his downfall.

Which means they have to go before they discover how powerful they truly are.

This is a retelling of the first book in the Zodiac Academy series from the point of view of Orion and the Heirs and should be read after you have finished the original story. It includes scenes from alternative points of view as well over 50k words of additional content and scenes which have never before been revealed. So prepare to step into the dark minds of the Zodiac boys and watch out for the heartbreak and carnage that will ensue.

Hunkiedorië Review: I really liked being able to read the boys’ perspective from the early days, it softened me a bit to the brutality of the bullying in the early books.

*Audible note: the boys’ POV in all the Zodiac books is read with some pretty cringy voices. Think of the “FINISH HIM” voice from Mortal Combat, and that is the vibe you will be stuck with if you listen to the books. Fair warning.

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I have absolutely loved all that BookTok is throwing my way and I can not wait to share my monthly reading list with you all as we move through 2022. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

My Top 5 Reads of 2022 (thus far)-Counting series as one because it is getting too hard to choose just one (or five) book(s)

  1. Bonds That Tie (series)
  2. The Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac (series)
  3. Ice Planet Barbarians/Ice Home (series)
  4. ACOTAR (series)
  5. Crescent City (series)

My Top 5 Reads of 2021

  1. The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter (Theodoa Goss)
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me (Julia Quinn)
  3. The Toll (Neal Shusterman)
  4. The Midnight Library (Matt Haig)
  5. The Immortals (Jordanna Max Brodsky)

My Top 5 Reads of 2020

  1. Mr. Dickens and His Carol (Samantha Silva)
  2. Scythe (Neal Shusterman)
  3. Thunderhead (Neal Shusterman)
  4. The Vine Witch (Luanne G. Smith)
  5. Ready Player One (Ernest Cline)

My Top 5 Reads of 2019

  1. The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman)
  2. Strange Practice (Vivian Shaw)
  3. Dreadful Company (Vivian Shaw)
  4. Grave Importance (Vivian Shaw)
  5. Little Women (Louisa May Alcott)

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