The past few times I have walked around the Grand Avenue Neighborhood in Saint Paul I couldn’t help but notice an amazing aroma wafting through the air that immediately brought back warm memories of Twins games and the State Fair. During my last visit to Grand I decided to investigate the mouth watering scent further. My friend Alicia and I decided to walk down the avenue from one end to the other for fun after my birthday brunch a few weeks ago. I could tell we were getting closer to the source of whatever amazing food was waiting for us. Finally we came upon a food truck parked just outside Pottery Barn on Grand Ave. The Peace Of Cake truck  was like a little slice of heaven in the middle of the bustling holiday traffic. This snazzy truck serves up mini doughnuts in tons of different combinations that could make any Scrooge sing the Hallelujah Chorus.


A Peace Of Cake Truck


Alicia and I just stood in a daze for a minute too hypnotized by the sugar in the air to make a move. We were greeted by a smiling woman in the truck and snapped back to reality clambering over ourselves to take a look at their menu. Let me tell you it was not easy making a decision. Everything on their menu looked phenomenal but we finally settled on a pretty classic option, the Sinn-A-Bunn.  Trust me the name absolutely lived up to the taste. Just one bite put us in a state of bliss. A woman  coming out of Pottery Barn with armfulls of packages was so distracted by our sinful deliciousness that she had to stop by and talk to us about how amazing they looked. We were more than happy to let her try one of our treats which prompted her to go try a batch of her own, I think she ordered the Ohh My Pumpkin Pie!




While there I grabbed one of their business cards they had on display so I could research A Peace Of Cake when I got home. I was thrilled to find that they  now have two food trucks. Truck one is stocked with artisan mini doughnuts. The second truck, Peanuts ‘n Popcorn, serves up freshly sugar roasted peanuts, hot popcorn and jumbo pretzels.

On top of these two mobile culinary wonders, A Peace Of Cake also does events. To find more information you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Peace of CakeTwitter. I hope they get an Instagram soon, I wasn’t able to find one but I would love to follow such tasty little morsels on a daily basis.
When I think of food truck I generally think of summer fairs and events, It was such a nice surprise to see one on a winter day. Thanks to A Peace Of Cake for your friendly service and outstanding food!