by: Hunkiëdorie

Do you have any friends or family members who are settling into a new home? Skip the standard bottle of wine or candle and really show them some love with a fully loaded essentials basket.

Welcoming someone into their new home means offering them a source of comfort that leaves them with a sense of preparedness and reassurance. One of my favorite housewarming gifts to make is this fully loaded housewarming essentials basket. It is filled with everything a new homeowner needs when settling into a new space.

I got the idea for this basket from my friend Megan and her mom Jody. When I moved into my last apartment they put together a similar basket and it meant so much to me. I didn’t have to buy toilet paper for a year and the laundry basket and blanket they included in mine are two items that have followed me in my move.

Get the most bang for your buck and hit up your local Dollar Tree. Yes you will be shopping from off brand options but this will allow you to stay well within a budget while really spoiling your loved ones.

Follow along as I show some of the groupings I use to put together the perfect essentials basket.

  1. Cleaners


3. Toiletries

4. Utility Closet

5. Laundry

6. Kitchen

7. Favorite Snacks

8. Smells

These images are from the most recent basket I put together for my little sister when she moved into her new apartment. It’s always fun seeing what unexpected item your friends are most excited to receive. Never under estimate the power of bathroom items. I know it isn’t sexy to buy toilet brushes or plungers but everyone is grateful to have one when the time comes.