welcome signA few weeks ago when my grandparents visited I bought a scroll saw and made a welcome sign with my grandparents. It was a great way to bond with them. Grandpa showed me how to use my saw, he was an amazing teacher, very hands-off and only speaking up when I needed him or he saw an important correction to be made. My grandma and I painted the sign, she is fascinated with my Cricut Explore and loves printing out stencils with it. We printed off some leaf stencils and a welcome stencil. I spray painted the welcome in a cream spray paint, I did three layers letting it dry about an hour in between each layer. We used a white pencil to trace out the leaves and then Gram hand painted the rest with acrylics.

About a week later I decided I wanted to layer a fall wreath behind the sign on our front door. After doing some Pinterest research I headed over to Hobby Lobby. I didn’t really have a plan having never made a wreath before, all I knew is I wanted something simple and budget-friendly. I was willing to buy a premade wreath until I saw the prices, they were between 40-100 dollars. I decided to head over to the floral section of the store and see what DIY options I could find. I found two bunches of yellow mum like flowers and a bunch of burgundy and gold dahlia like flowers. I also found a twiggy wreath in the same section. With coupons and their holiday discounts, I paid $27 dollars, still a little more than I had hoped but way better than buying pre-made wreaths.

Fall Wreath Supplies

To start your project pull all the flowers off the stems. This is very easy to do, I started cutting them and pulled one off by accident. Once I realized there was an easier route I had this step finished in seconds.


Next, take your larger flowers and apply glue with your hot glue gun to the backs of each flower one at a time. Once you have applied your glue you can stick them scattered around your wreath. Once you have your larger flowers glued down where you want them fill in the empty spaces by repeating the same process with the smaller flowers.


Next, you can add in a few more of the larger flowers if you feel it needs it. I also pulled some of the leaves off the leftover bundles and glued them in scattered around. (you may notice I had the Cubs vs. Cardinals game on. I had to keep my grandparents there in spirit to finish the project. In my family it’s Cubs or nothing, GO CUBBIES!)


Once the wreath was finished I strung the chain I had attached to my sign through the wreath (this will allow me to switch the wreath in and out if I want to in the future.)

All in all, I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at making a decorative wreath. I think I may have to do one for each season!