This year my Dad discovered the joys of thrift shopping. As a result one of my christmas presents was a tackle box that he picked up at the good will. He gave me this with the vision that I could use it to organize my painting supplies. I instantly fell in love with the idea and decided first and foremost the box deserved a little makeover.

1. To start I sprayed about 6 layers of Ace Brand  Metallic Gold Spray Paint (found at Ace Hardware store) over the entire box. Leaving about 30 min between each layer to dry.

2.  I then sprayed a final layer of 18 kt. Gold Krylon Spray Paint (found at Hobby Lobby).

3.  Next I printed out a stencil using my new Cricut Explore.

4.  Using my stencil in small sections. I sprayed about three layers of black spray paint.

5.  Once the bottom portion of the box was finished I sprayed a   thin layer of Krylon Golden Glow Glitter Blast paint (found at    hobby lobby) all over the entire box.

6.  To seal in the glitter I sprayed two layers of a clear     polyurethane paint.

7.  I also decided to paint the inside with the same black paint I   used for the stencil.

I absolutely love my new craft box and feel so good knowing that not only are my paints organized but they look fabulous at the same time!