Last week we talked about Hunkiedorië weddings from the past few years. Now it’s time to switch gears and talk about the upcoming Hunkiedorië Brides. When I set out to do this series I started with what I knew. I have been in so many weddings I knew I needed to share this experience with my followers. After writing those posts I knew something was missing. Once you are married and look back on the whole thing through rose-colored glasses and think everything was perfect. You often forget all the struggles and compromises you make along the way.

My friends Alicia and Cassie are newly engaged and have been generous enough to share their experiences with me as they plan their upcoming weddings.

Alicia & Tom

My bestie Alicia has met her match in her manfriend, Tom. This amazing man has turned my fun-loving Lady Godiva into a Cubs fan and a Parrothead to boot and I could not love him more for it. Alicia has asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding next year and I could not be more excited to celebrate these two on their big day.




Alicia voices a lot of the same concerns that I think many brides encounter as they begin to plan. Along the way, many learn that you need to utilize your support system, but keep your helpers at arms length. Remember this day is about you and your partner, you can’t please everyone. Take advice with a grain of salt and be true to your relationship.

Check out Hunkiedorië tonight to hear how Cassie of Cassie At Home is planning her 2019 wedding.