Harvest Tables

Last year for my harvest party my Dad (aka my minion) helped me build the perfect farm tables for the event. They turned out beautiful and stole the show. I have gotten several requests for a post with step by step instructions for building your own. The following post was written by my Dad and I must say I am so proud!

 HHP Morning Table

HHP Table Set Up



Building the Harvest Tables


  • 5 – 2x4x8
  • 7 – 1x6x8 Pine boards
  • 4 – Deck posts (these were rejects)
  • #9 2 ½ inch coated deck screws
  • 4 USP Lumber Connectors FRB24-TZ Fence Rail Bracket 2″ x 4″

    Harvest Table Legs
    Harvest Table bracket
    Harvest Table Screws

Table Top Frame

  • Cut 2 of the 2x4x8 down to 7.10’
  • Cut other 3 down to 33.5 inches
    • Table Top support pieces
  • Lay 2 – 2x4x7 parallel to each other
  • Lay 2 – 2x4x33.5” inside each end of the 7’
    • This should give you a 36.5” table frame width
  • Square up and screw together
  • Lay 3 supports pieces evenly spaced inside table frame and screw into place from outside table frame.


Table Top

  • Square up first pine board so you have 1” overhang on side and each end
    • This should give you 38.5” table top w/1” overhang all the way around
  • Two screws on each end and 2 on the center support and evenly spaced down the edge
  • Spread wood glue on your second pine board
  • Using a wood clamp tightens boards together and screw down as with first board
  • Remove the wood clamps
  • Repeat for all boards
  • This should give you a 1” overhang all around the table



  • Flip the table top over so the frame is facing up
  • Cut the deck post to desired length
    • These are precut on one end to sit atop your decking and screwed into the frame
    • I simply set the precut end on the frame and marked how much I need to cut off for the leg to sit flush on and support the frame
    • Cut remaining leg to desired length
  • Place the USP Connectors in each corner and screw into place
    • Don’t screw all the way down as the deck post are thicker that a standard 2×4
  • Insert the legs and tighten screws
    • You can remove the legs for storage by simply backing out the screws on the USP connectors and pulling the legs out.



  • I used a belt sander to smooth out any uneven places between the boards
  • I used a palm sander to smooth out the table top
  • Pick your stain of choice
    • We used Minwax Jacobean and Minwax Oil Based Varnish Lear Satin for a durable finish


Harvest Table Gloss Finish.png

Harvest Table FInished

Harvest Table



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