I have been trying to practice revamping glass pieces lately. This candy dish is absolutely my favorite project so far. I am running out of places to put my projects so they have begun to overflow into my boyfriends apartment. I don’t think the boys are too thrilled about this new addition but as long as I keep it filled with candy I doubt they will complain. When I saw this dish at the goodwill the other day it was too beautiful to pass up. I absolutely love the shape and texture to it and couldn’t wait to give it a new life and home! I developed this ombre painting technique completely by accident so I am going to have to keep practicing on more pieces. Stay tuned to see what other projects I try!

You will need:

  • 1 Glass dish
  • 2 Different Colors of Spray Paint
  • Clear Polyurethane Spray Paint



  1. Turn the dish upside down and spray five thin layers of color meant for the inside of the dish on the outside of the dish (I did gold) waiting 5-10 min between each layer to allow to dry.
  2. Turn dish right side up and spray 5 layers of the same color on the inside of the dish, again waiting 10 min between each layer to allow to dry.
  3. Turn the dish upside down again and  spray very light layers moving around the dish as you spray spray in a downward sweeping motion to give it the ombre effect.
  4. Repeat step three two more times waiting ten minutes between each layer to allow paint to dry.
  5. Spray three thin layers of the clear polyurethane to help protect your dish.