Shar’els Café is a small mom and pop townie965681659_5c3ff4cb55 cafe located just down the road from my parents house. I have lived near there my whole life and have never actually eaten there. The other morning as my mom and I were getting ready to go shopping for the new kitchen we decided to go grab a quick bite before we started our day. After listing off a bunch of places we remembered Shar’els Café just down the street. I told my mom I had never been and she insisted we change that.

When we pulled up in front of the restaurant I was shocked by how packed the place was. Once we found a spot and got in the door there was quite a line. The cafe is fairly tiny it only fits a handful of tables and seems to be a hotspot for breakfast on Saturday mornings. We were seated in a window booth (in my opinion the best seat in the house). Almost instantly our server came, he was this adorable young man with a grin from ear to ear. He brought us waters and took 410f771194062aa82bca07a0cc5a06a2our drink orders, coffee for Ma and hot cocoa with whipped cream for me (yes, I am a very mature 26 year old…).

With our kitchen temporarily out of order we were really missing real breakfast meals so Ma ordered Eggs and Toast and I ordered the Eggs Benedict (one of my faves). Our food was whipped up for us in the blink of an eye and delivered with another huge grin. Our meals were pretty good. The canadian bacon used on my Eggs Benney was out of this world and Ma was a big fan of her meal as well.

Once we got our check we headed up to the counter to pay. I was amazed that I ran into two different tables with people I knew sitting there. Aparently this is the best breakfast spot in town. Overall we had a great time at Shar’els, the service was wonderful and the food was good. I would recommend Shar’els Café as a perfect family spot for breakfast to anyone.