Usually I am not a big donut person but every once in a while I get an unreal craving for them. The other day I had such a craving and decided to try Mojo Monkey in Saint Paul. I’ve driven past their adorable shop many times and it always seems to be very busy. Saturday morning Sam and I drove over to the shop to get some of their famous donuts. It’s a little difficult to find parking (on street only) luckily after circling the block once a spot opened up right in front of the shop.

The inside of the shop has a very 50’s diner type vibe. All baby blue and white on the inside with giant windows providing natural light gives this shop that early morning glow that makes you think of grandma’s kitchen. Luckily there was a small line which gave us enough time to figure out what we wanted. The donuts are a little pricy so we decided to only get a half dozen. We had checked out their website before leaving the apartment so we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted but once you lay eyes on their display case those beautiful little works of art cause you to lose all train of thought.

Once we made our way to the counter we placed our order. Sam and I chose three donuts each. I

chose the S’mores Bismarck, the Creme Brulee Bismarck and the Bella Bean Bullseye. Sam got the Chocolate Ganache Cruller , the Apple Fritter and some sort of plain glazed donut. We also tried ordering coffee, their online menu looked wonderful but we were informed that their espresso machine wasn’t working. Upon further review we noticed there was no coffee machines behind the counter and their coffee menu had been taken down so my guess is that this has been an issue for a while now.

After placing our order we were given a little sign with a number on it and stepped aside as they got our order ready. Sam and I sat at a little corner table as we waited and watched as other people placed their order.  The atmosphere in the shop was electric with employees buzzing around getting orders ready and more and more people filing into the shop to get their morning sugar buzz. It was fun to see how excited people were in line as they debated which donuts to get.

In a matter of minutes our order was ready. We shuffled through the crowd to claim our box which was presented with pride and a contagious smile. It was such a wonderful way to start our morning. In the future I hope they have their coffee machines fixed next  time we go in, I would love to be able to drink my coffee and eat my donuts at one of their adorable little tables inside the shop.

After making a quick stop at Starbucks to get our coffee fix we headed home to dive in to the delicious smelling donuts. When we got back to the apartment we divided up the donuts into thirds, one for me, one for Sam and one for Sam’s roommate Chris. I didn’t try any of Sam’s donuts they didn’t appeal to me much though he said they were wonderful. I had a lot of trouble sharing my donuts they were so good. The S’mores Bismarck was my absolute favorite the Creme Brulee was a solid second with the Bella Bean at a close third.

Mojo Monkey is a wonderful way to start your day. Their friendly and very efficent staff and delicious donuts are a winning combo. Make sure you hurry in though, They are open everyday until they sell out and their menu is always changing. For more information you can check out their website: you can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.