Last week I wrote about my first visit to Copper Hen, and although it wasn’t a total disaster, I was disappointed. I knew it must have been a rare situation since I have always heard wonderful things about this trendy Cakery & Kitchen. I decided I needed to give Copper Hen a second chance, and I’m glad I did.


Brussels Ceasar 1

I went back to Copper Hen a couple of weeks after my first visit, this time with my Monty Clan (my college friends). At Ashley’s baby shower a week earlier I was telling some of the girls about my tragedy at the Copper Hen. Anna told me I had to go back that it wasn’t normal for Copper Hen to be such a letdown. When we ended up going Ashley was nine months pregnant and due any day so this was our last get together pre-baby.

Again our we had an uncomfortable wait. Parking is difficult in that part of town and I had to walk four blocks after finally finding a spot. When I got to the restaurant 10 min after our reservation our group was still waiting. I ended up popping a squat right there on the floor because my feet were killing me and there was nowhere left to sit. I wasn’t as upset about the wait this time since we only made a reservation the day before. It was also gorgeous outside so we weren’t bothered by the opening and closing of the main door.

Bloddy Hell

Shortly after I arrived we were seated at a table in the back with easy access to the bathroom (remember Ash was really pregnant so this was a big win.) Again the tables were crowded together, there was a baby shower of some sort at the table next to us which bonded us all together when they saw Ashley’s big belly.

Ashley's Plate

Our server was phenomenal, efficient and friendly. We had our drinks in a flash and had our food ordered and delivered in no time (no one tried to order the Eggs Benedict this time). The food was just as good as I remembered and I was kicking myself for not ordering the pancakes with that heavenly cinnamon whipped cream. Every plate that comes out of the Copper Hen’s kitchen is worthy of its own photoshoot, but good luck getting it to last that long! Our plates were cleared within minutes.


I’m glad I gave the Copper Hen a second chance. The place is always overcrowded which can make for a frustrating morning. I was better prepared the second time around and was able to take it all in stride and really enjoy my visit there. Our server made a huge difference with her bubbly personality putting us at ease.  The food was divine and the space just as charming as before.

When all is said and done I would recommend Copper Hen to my friends. Not sure if it is a place to bring Grandma or Mom and Dad, the crowds might be too much for them, but their food makes it all worth it.

For more information or to make reservations, you can check out their website. They are also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.