FullSizeRender (3)I have never been big on baked goods, love to make them but eating them has never been my thing. That is until I tried Nadia Cakes for the first time. Last year when I was out for my friend Ali’s birthday someone brought a bag filled with different flavored cupcakes from a bakery called Nadia Cakes in Woodbury, MN. I took one trying to be polite with the intention of taking a small nibble then hiding the rest out of view. But before I knew it I had inhaled the entire thing and was plotting out a way to sneak the others away from the rest of the group and devour them in some dark corner of the restaurant before anyone noticed they were missing.

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Since that night I have noticed that Nadia Cakes is very popular in the community and its no wonder why. With a plethora of delicious flavors along with gluten free and canine options there is a little bit of something for everyone.

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Recently my high school group of friends got together for a bonding night and decided that this was a perfect opportunity to celebrate the many spring birthdays all at once. I jumped at the chance to provide the birthday desserts. My friend Lainie was part of the spring birthday crew and with her gluten allergy I couldn’t wait to surprise her with what I commonly refer to as a “Lainie Friendly Food”.

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After a little research I was worried that the limited supply of made to order cupcakes would run out so I showed up about 10 minutes after they opened their doors that Saturday morning. I knew their food was fantastic but I was shocked when I opened the door and saw the most adorable little bakery all laid out before me. The Parisian chic decor was to die for, it almost seemed to cute to be true, looking like it belonged in some Hollywood Chick Flick.

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I glanced through the cases for a minute as the patient and very helpful girl behind the counter gave a few suggestions and told me all about their Food Network claim to fame that was their Cheesecake Cupcakes (a well deserved victory-after one bite your convinced this is all you’ll need to survive). I can’t remember now what I chose but I think I ended up leaving with about one of every flavor (including all of their gluten free options.) I even got a selection of their  macaroons  for my friend and host of the gathering Alex, and a mini Doggie Cupcake for Gus (my miniature poodle).

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They are a little pricey, but then again I don’t have any experience buying bakery items so they could be right in line for their industry. Regardless I would give them all my money if necessary for those tasty treats.  That evening when I broke out the treats they were a huge hit and the perfect dessert for a large group like ours, allowing everyone to try their favorite flavors.

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Nadia cakes not only has delicious treats, a beautiful shop but also an amazing staff that is ready and willing to help you with whatever you might need. They can be found in Woodbury and Maple Grove Minnesota as well as Palmdale California. For more information and ordering details check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.