As a part of Lainie’s Bar Cart, I hand-painted a tray for the top shelf of the cart. While I was at the Goodwill picking up pieces to fill up the cart I knew I wanted a tray. After a little digging, I did find a plane wooden tray that I decided to take home and try to spruce up myself.

Bar Tray Before

I started by spraying several thin layers of white spray paint over the entire tray.

Bar Tray Step 1

Next, I covered the center portion of the tray with a paper bag cut out and painters tape and sprayed the outer edge of the tray.

Bar Tray Step 5

I searched around on Pinterest for a simple pattern for me to cut out using my Cricut Explore. You can see Personalized Water Bottles post for step by step instructions on how to make your own stencil.

Bar Tray Pattern

Once I printed out my stencil I stuck it on and lined the edges with painters tape. I then used the same black spray paint from the outer edge. Using a few light layers of paint I filled in the stencil and allowed to dry for about an hour before removing the tape and stencil.

Bar Tray Step 2


Bar Tray Step 3

After I had my stencil painted on I went back with acrylic paints to clean up the lines as much as possible. I also used a gold paint marker to fill in the center diamond design of the stencil.

Painted Bar Tray

To finish it all off I used a poly spray all over the entire tray to help seal everything and protect it from any moisture.

Finished Bar Tray

I am completely in love with the entire bar cart project, but the tray is one of my favorite parts. turning something so drab to fab was a fun little detail that brought the whole thing together!