10924776_10152678958103590_8383292978301273684_nLast week I had a date take me to Bill’s Gun Shop & Range in Robinsdale to do some shooting. I was blown away by what a great facility this was. Everyone at the shop, staff and patrons alike, were so friendly! We were able to purchase eyes, ears, ammo and targets very easily. While there we shot a few different 1_EJF_4983guns and were able to really take our time and enjoy ourselves without feeling crowded or rushed. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many women were in there shooting (love those ladies breaking the stereotypes!). Later I found out that Wednesday night is ladies night. Ladies nights specials include free instruction from 6-9pm every Wednesday, free eyes and ears, 1 free target a 5$ discount per lady on your range fee and you cant rent any range gun for 5$. The place was packed!


We had brought our own guns so we just got our ammo and targets and were ready to go. We spent about an hour or two taking turns shooting three different guns. My date was incredibly patient with me as I got back into the swing of things. Its been a while since I shot hand guns. I had such a blast and I can’t wait to go back again.9.0_EJF_4968

Bills Gun Shop & Range has a wonderful website where you can read up on their many specialsevents and trainings available. You can also check them out on all of your favorite platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Google+. I would recommend Bills Gun Shop & Range to anyone, no matter what your experience or skill level. The staff is there 100% of the way to guide and help you any way they can. I must say that this is a perfect date idea. It is so out of the norm and it will definitely get you pulse racing. I want to send a special thanks to the staff at Bill’s for creating such a wonderful atmosphere and providing such wonderful service. My night there will not be forgotten any time soon!