12141135_10153063267441993_1854059340426138472_oI spent last weekend in Hayward Wisconsin at a cabin outside of town celebrating my friend Ali’s birthday. While we were there we headed into town on Saturday to try out  Hookstone Winery. It was the one thing Ali wanted to do that weekend and I was more then happy to oblige.

Hookstone 12028780_10153063267451993_793667669605238704_oWinery is located on Main Street in downtown Hayward towards the end of town. It’s a small cottage style building that holds both a gift shop and wine tasting daily. We had come for the wine tasting and couldn’t wait to get started. We got a good laugh as some giant zombie decoration jumped out and scared us as soon as we walked through the door. Throughout the day the zombie became an extra source of entertainment causing everyone who came in to jump and scream causing the whole room to giggle every time.

W10989127_10153063274866993_6749091189528917149_oe picked a table towards the front of the room and within minutes a server came over with menus and a bowl of popcorn from a shop there in town. Once we paid we were provided a glass for our wine tasting that we then could keep and dry erase markers for us to keep track of our opinions on our menus. To be perfectly honest they became more doodle sheets than anything else.

While we were there we did a wi10007241_10153063273796993_8112984198316323718_one tasting. For 7$ we sampled 10 wines on their menu plus two bonus wines and got to keep our glass! Our server was so wonderful! She was incredibly patient with a table full of high energy girls and took time to explain everything to us like a pro. I am usually a dark and dry wine kind of person and the day was filled with fruity light wines. Each one was absolutely delicious but I think my favorites was their blackberry wine and their sangria, their blueberry was a close third. We purchased two bottles from them for dinner later that night. We had so much fun at Hookstone Winery. The atmosphere and service is sublime and the wine was gone the second it was poured.

I would highly recommend Hookstone to anyone in the area. I know I will definitely be going back again! You can check them out on Facebook for more information.