#BEEuTEAfulBrunch Planning

So you want to throw a brunch that will blow your friends minds. Don’t know where to start? Well Hunkiedorie has you covered. I will be breaking down how I put together my #BEEuTEAfulBrunch benefiting Madi Apparel.  For more details on Madi Apparel and why I wanted to raise money for their cause check out my earlier post. Hunkiedorie’s keys to a successful brunch are … Continue reading #BEEuTEAfulBrunch Planning

Sparkling Apple Cider Punch

This is the second of the non-alcoholic options I had at this years #HunkiedorieHarvestParty. It was a nice compliment to the Non-Alcoholic Sangria giving a different option for those who were not drinking that evening. Print the Sparkling Apple Cider Punch recipe! Ingredients: 3 Apples – peeled, cored and thinly sliced 2 Bottles Sparkling Apple Juice 4 C. Apple Cider 1/2 C Pomegranate Seeds Directions: Chill … Continue reading Sparkling Apple Cider Punch

Dirt & Worms Pudding Shots

Tonight I have a little Halloween Party and I am so excited to try out some new spooky themed treats! I wanted to make sure and post this recipe today before it was too late for people to try them out for Halloween. I am making Dirt & Worms Pudding shots. Its based off my normal Pudding Shot recipe with just a few tweaks. It … Continue reading Dirt & Worms Pudding Shots

Fireball Jello Shots

In typical fashion I made jello shots for last years Harvest Party. It has been pointed out to me on several occasions that if I am attending a gathering I usually bring jello shots. Planning my Harvest Party was no exception, after poking around on Pinterest I decided to take a crack at Fireball Jello Shots. These were simple and delicious, I was a little … Continue reading Fireball Jello Shots

Patriotic Jello Shots

For the past few years my college girlfriends and I have talked about making layered jello shots for our annual Fourth of July Cabin Weekend. This year I finally decided to go for it, because nothing says you’re a patriot like red white and blue alcohol laced jello…right? After glancing around on Pinterest for a while I discovered that most of the recipes were basically … Continue reading Patriotic Jello Shots


Wop was always a pretty standard sight at the cheesy theme parties in college. Many people also call it Jungle Juice. I never trusted the wop in college, the thought of a mysterious liquid in a dirty cooler sitting in a moldy basement that everyone had been dipping their cups and hands into was not my jam… However now that I am older and much more … Continue reading Wop

Simple Sangria

Sangria is the perfect way to cool down in the summer. Its bright citrus flavors and a little bubbly carbonation mixed with the wine will cause your glasses to drain a little faster than normal. Everyone has their own version of how to make the perfect sangria but I like to keep mine as simple as possible. Ingredients: 1 Grapefruit (sliced) 1 Orange (sliced) 1 … Continue reading Simple Sangria