IMG_2003This past Monday I was able to attend my first blog networking event. I was invited by some amazing people I met at the #WESUMMERFUN event and I was so excited that I jumped at the opportunity. I was able to meet several amazing Minnesota based bloggers such as Kati, Social Sara, Bethie the Boo, Simply Save and many others. The event took place at Bread & Chocolate on Grand Ave. I have been a long time fan of their food but I’ve never actually been there, I’ve always had people pick me up something if they were going there. There were some delicious treats and drinks for those attending and the most amazing little gift bags filled with awesome goodies from local vendors. I learned so much throughout the evening and had a blast! I would recommend researching your local bloggers I was amazed how much content is out there and I love reading about what interests the people around me.

Some people you may want to check out:IMG_2002