So part one of my perfect date (part two being dinner at Ice House) was a trip to Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore/Uncle Edgar’s Mystery Bookstore. On our first date Alex and I talked about my love of reading. I am usually very hesitant to broach this subject since I love love love fantasy/science fictions books, or what I more commonly refer to as “Nerdy Books”.  Since I have done more online dating I have gotten a lot more comfortable opening up about myself and being much more honest with people, as a result I have really enjoyed dating more than I thought I would and I feel much more confident in myself when meeting new people.

When I showed up for our date I had no idea what the plan was. He asked me to meet him at Midtown Global Market telling me only that he had a whole evening planned. When we found each other in the market Alex informed me that we weren’t staying there that our date was somewhere else he just wanted to throw me off and keep me guessing. Love the creativity but I do have to admit I was panicking, all of my safety knowledge warned me against getting into what was pretty much a strangers car and leave the place where I told my friends and family I would be that evening. I don’t recommend behaving the way I did. That being said I have never been so happy ignoring the rules and going for it.

Alex linked my arm through his, like a perfect gentleman (one of my favorite and effortless gestures) and led me across the street to Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore. Uncle Hugo’s is the oldest independent science fiction bookstore in America, founded in 1974. It is also the largest assortment of mystery books in the Twin Cities since 1980.

Uncle Hugo's Books

I instantly became nostalgic when I walked through the doors to stacks upon stacks of books lining the walls and filling the aisles.  There was a dog lazing near the entrance and an older gentleman greeted us as we walked in. I feel a little bad looking back I got totally lost in there.  I wandered off and went into extreme nerd mode. I had a stack of books waiting for me at home so I didn’t really need anything new but I can never resist the opportunity to add to my collection. Who knows how much time I spent wandering around, before I knew it my arms were filled and it was time to reassess my findings. I eventually narrowed it down to one book.

After Alice

Just when I was getting ready to check out Alex told me he had looked up Uncle Hugo’s Newsletter  ahead of time and checked out their recommended reading list. He went one step further and called ahead and reserved a book for me. Honestly this guy totally knocked it out of the ball park!! I ended up leaving with two books and a copy of their newsletter.

Uncle Hugo's Newsleter

I have never been so impressed at the amount of effort put into a date. It was something I will never forget. I will have to head back to Uncle Hugo’s when I finally make it through my giant stack of books that is starting to take over my nightstand. I recently started the book Alex reserved for me and although it is completely different from anything I would have ever picked for myself I seem to be tearing through it. I cant wait to go back to Uncle Hugo’s I could spend all day in that shop. It has that magic element that all old bookshops seem to have. That smell of dust and sunlight that seems to get trapped between the worn pages of thick books stacked against one another on heavy wooden shelves. It’s impossible for anyone who loves books to walk through the doors of Uncle Hugo’s and not feel like you just won the lottery. Book stores like that are too few and far between these days and this place is a hidden gem.

Leviathan Wakes

For more information about Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook.

Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore