Recently my boyfriend Sam introduced me to one of his favorite restaurants. The Tavern On Grand is located right on Grand Ave. in Saint Paul. Take a moment and close your eyes, picture what represents Minnesota in your mind. Think of every icon, stereotype or memory. When you walk into The Tavern On Grand that is exactly what you get. The inside feels like a giant log cabin complete with canoes, fish and nature paintings decorating every nook and cranny. I usually sit at the bar where you know they will be playing the hockey game.

The Tavern became a Friday go to spot during lent, they easily have the best fish in town, which is a huge thing for me (miss anti fish) to say. I have tried a few of their menu but I would highly recommend their Walleye Sampler, this gives you an opportunity to try a little bit of their most popular menu items. The best part is that you don’t feel guilty ordering this and leaving a bunch of food on your plate. They are the perfect portion size for one person to enjoy. There is a reason they are famous for their walleye.

The service is always wonderful and the people watching is unreal. I would recommend The Tavern On Grand to anyone.  You can find more information about The Tavern On Grand on their website at You can also like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.