While I was in college I went through a tutu phase. Every Halloween I made my own costume. I always tried to incorporate a tutu into the mix so I got pretty creative. I never liked the tutus at the store I wanted more volume so I had to teach myself how to make them. The video below by BaileysBlossoms gives you a pretty good idea of how to make a no-sew tutu. I used a video similar to this as a starting point when I made my own. However, I use a different technique than that shown in the video.

You will need:

  • 1″ Thick Elastic Band (about 1 yard should do).
  • Thread and Needle (I used my sewing machine)
  • Tulle- I get the bolt style and have the store cut this so it usually is about two feet wide by two yards long. (try to avoid the rolls/spools of tulle)
    • For my Mary Jane Costume, I used three different shades of green about two yards each. For my Odette costume, I used three shades of white/silver about two yards each (you get the idea).

PicMonkey Collage


  1. Wrap this around your waist and allow it to overlap about two inches. It should be a little tight but you don’t want to ooze around it.
  2. Mark the band at this length and cut it.
  3. Use your sewing machine to sew the elastic band together. I did several passes along the two-inch overlap. You really want to make sure this is going to hold
  4. Roll out your tulle and fold it in half lengthwise (hotdog fold this so it should be long and thin)
  5. Cut the folded tulle along your hotdog fold so you have two long pieces.
  6. Now cut the two long pieces (up and down height) into about 2-inch strips. You can measure it out and mark it or eyeball it.
  7. Once you have all your tulle cut its time to start tying!
  8. Tie your tulle in a double knot in the middle of each strip on your elastic band.
  9. Continue this process alternating colors.
  10. If you like a lot of volume to your tutu like I do slide your tulle together after it’s tied so it’s squished together allowing you to add more tulle to your band.
  11. Once you have filled your band try your tutu on.
  12. If you feel the tulle is too long trim it down to your desired length. (Do this in little bits since it can’t be undone!)
  13. Voila, enjoy your new tutu.


For my Mary Jane costume, I cut out felt leaves in three different shade and used glitter puff paint in green to outline them. I then stitched the leaves all over my tutu for added flair.