Bring on the Brunch! Copper Hen

I have a notebook (my blog book) that I carry with me wherever I go so I can jot down blog inspiration whenever it comes to me.As part of this notebook is a list of places I want to try, organized by city, and cuisine. I have decided to challenge myself, friends and family to start chipping away at this list and report back to … Continue reading Bring on the Brunch! Copper Hen


Red Schoolhouse Wines

It’s no secret amongst my friends that I never like their boyfriends…or at least I’m slow to warm up to them. This past Memorial Day Weekend I went to Wisconsin to visit my Lifey (aka best friend) Megan and her fiancé Tom. Tom has slowly but surely been winning me over the past year but he totally took the cake during this visit. Tom was tasked … Continue reading Red Schoolhouse Wines

Muddy Waters

I have slowly but surely been working away at crossing restaurants off my list. Last year I started a little notebook where I could jot down ideas for After time I realized that this notebook really became a list of all the local hotspots I wanted to visit. I have finally started to whittle away at the list and have had the best time. … Continue reading Muddy Waters

Ice House

A couple weeks ago I had a second date with one of my Hinge boys. He scored huge points when he somehow crammed almost everything we had discussed in date one into our second date. Complete with a trip to Uncle Hugo’s bookshop (post coming next week) and dinner at Ice House, a restaurant I have been dying to try for a long time now. … Continue reading Ice House

A Peace of Cake

The past few times I have walked around the Grand Avenue Neighborhood in Saint Paul I couldn’t help but notice an amazing aroma wafting through the air that immediately brought back warm memories of Twins games and the State Fair. During my last visit to Grand I decided to investigate the mouth watering scent further. My friend Alicia and I decided to walk down the … Continue reading A Peace of Cake

Gordy’s Steak House

A few weeks ago my friend Ali and a group of her friends went out to Gordy’s Steakhouse in Mahtomedi to celebrate her birthday. I had driven past Gordy’s hundreds of times but never eaten there. Ali’s boyfriend Ben was in charge of choosing the restaurant and had heard good things and I am always game to try new local places. Ben called ahead and … Continue reading Gordy’s Steak House