Not sure if anyone else experiences this, but every time I scroll through the newsfeed on my social media profiles it’s flooded with images of tanned millennials enjoying exotic fruit smoothie bowls in some far-off paradise. For the longest time, I thought these edible works of art were only for trendsetters in tropical locations. Now I know I was wrong.

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(Picture from Whole Sum Kitchen Instagram)


A few weeks ago, as I was searching for food trucks for an upcoming event I was planning I stumbled across Whole Sum Kitchen.  I was intrigued by the healthy and fresh food truck that stood apart from its deep-fried competitors. Launched after a 15-month one-man adventure across the globe, founder Evan Tepper wanted to bring wellness to the community by offering balanced menu selections. Their food truck hit the town in 2015, offering wholesome juices and smoothies. The café opened in December 2016 with an expanded menu including soup, salads, protein bowls, chia pudding, acai bowls and more!

Whole Sum Website Screen Shot


(Screen shot from Whole Sum Kitchen Website)


After doing more research online I quickly got out my phone and texted Zoë; my sister, tenderhearted vegetarian and fellow trend follower. I told her I had found the perfect breakfast spot for us to hit up that weekend. We coordinated our schedules and looked up the closest Core Power schedule. We were taking no prisoners this weekend, we were about to be healthy AF…or so we thought.

6AM Saturday morning came a lot earlier than I had anticipated and I instantly regretted my earlier ambitions. I groggily reached for my phone and hit my sister’s picture on my speed dial list. Her cheery little voice answered and I pleaded with her to let me skip yoga. She conceded and told me she would be over at 9AM for our breakfast adventure.

I eventually rolled out of bed and attempted to resemble a normal functioning human. I stumbled bleary-eyed out into my living room where I met my roommate Emiley in a similar state. I updated her on my plan and invited her to join. A few minutes later we were ready to go. Zoë, Emiley & I ran through the downpour and packed into my jeep.

Whole Sum Storefront.jpg

A poorly routed and soggy journey ensued. I didn’t realize my GPS was set to avoid highways making a 10-minute drive last over an hour all while my sunroof was leaking leading to a flooded car…never a dull moment with Hunkiedorië.

Whole Sum Seating.jpg

Whole Sum Menus.jpg

Whole Sum Bar.jpg

Whole Sum Poof Chats.jpg

We finally arrive at Whole Sum Kitchen in the Lynhurst neighborhood of Minneapolis. We rush into the café unable to take-in their adorable shop front. The place was empty, the perks over getting up and going early on a Saturday. We strolled up to the counter taking countless pictures and discussing the décor along the way. When we finally approached the counter we were greeted by a cheerful woman who patiently guided us through their menu and helped us make our selections.  I ordered the Kuai and a Chia Tea Latte, Zoë ordered the Lania with a  Date Bar and Emiley ordered the Rio with a Macchiato.

Whole Sum Coffees.jpg

Whole Sum Coffee.jpg

Whole Sum Chai.jpg

While we waited for our smoothie bowls we wandered around the café before choosing to sprawl out on their little corner cushion. We all loved the metropolitan grocery vibe that came from the clean bright white subway tile against metal detailing of the light fixtures that filled the center of the room. Emiley’s favorite was the chalkboard with images of fruits and vegetables gathered together in the shape of a heart. Our group had the best time pointing out little details to one another while flooding our Snapchat and Instagram stories. Soon we had our smoothie bowls in hand and it was time to get documenting, after all, did trendy thing really happen if you aren’t Instagramming them? Our little fruity creations were perfect works of art, although I was disappointed they came in clear disposable bowls and not the gorgeous wooden bowls I had spied on Whole Sum Kitchens Instagram page.

Whole Sum Smoothie Bowls.jpg

Whole Sum Wall Art.jpg

I loved the map painted on their wall!

Whole Sum Thinking.jpg

Being extra at Whole Sum.jpg

After about 15 minutes of taking pictures and being truly ridiculous, we finally dug into our meals. I was thrilled, smoothie bowls were everything I was hoping for and more! They were delicious and really filling. Our excitement hit an all-time high when we discovered the granola-ie goodness at the bottom of our bowls. Note to first-timers, stir up your bowl prior to digging in. It may not look as pretty but at least that way you get the perfect bite every time.

Whole Sum Lighting.jpg

Whole Sum Lights.jpg

Whole Sum Adventures.jpg

Whole Sum Hidden Honeycomb.JPG

Emmie at Whole Sum.jpg

Lauging at Whole Sum.jpg

Tables are turned at Whole Sum.jpg

I had the best time at Whole Sum Kitchen, their friendly and helpful staff is there to guide and give suggestions when you need them. I can’t wait for my next visit, I have been eyeballing up their lunch items!

Whole Sum Options.jpg

Snapchatting at Whole Sum.jpg

For more information about Whole Sum Kitchen you can check them out online. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.