Samantha and Chad have found their perfect forever in one another. They have built a beautiful life and family together. It has been a joy to watch their family grow and felt amazing to be a part of their big day when they finally made it official.



When we were in high school, Samantha my beautiful, exotic little rebel would always joke that she was looking for her John Smith. She wanted a blond blue-eyed boy to give her a Disney level happily ever after. I always laughed at her thinking that she had unrealistic expectations. Turns out that the joke was on me when she found a real-life blond-haired, blue-eyed prince charming. Since meeting Chad, Samantha has gone from my wild child little rebel to one of my most nurturing and mature friends. Chad has really brought out the best in her and I know every day she is doing the same for him


Samantha & Chad
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Some of the things that stood out to me as a guest:

  • Getting Ready Together: Samantha had the girls do their own hair and makeup. We all arrived at her parent’s house early that morning, they were ready and waiting for us with a breakfast buffet and makeup stations laid out in the living room. We made mimosas and got ready together. It felt like our old days of dancing getting all dolled up together and made me feel very nostalgic. Because Samantha let us be ourselves with our hair and makeup I think this is when I felt the most confident in how I looked walking into the reception. I was relaxed and felt pretty and better yet was able to spend more quality time with my friends compared to a normal wedding day.
  • Party Bus – Once we were ready the boys showed up in the party bus and picked us up. We spent a few hours bar hopping and taking pictures around town. It was such a fun way to get all of us together again. It felt like we were reliving a better version of our prom.

  • Beautiful Venue: This was my first time at Harriet Island Pavilion, and this place did not disappoint! The space was absolutely stunning. It could easily host large events like Samantha & Chad’s wedding while still providing a perfect dance floor space.
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Hunkiedorië Crafts:

  • Wedding Sign


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Samantha taught me how to recognize what is important on a wedding day. Make your family a priority, and be present in the moment. This is a celebration of your love and make that the centerpiece of your wedding. Because of this mindset the vibe the entire day was so joyful and content you couldn’t help but have fun and be excited to celebrate this happily ever after.


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