Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, State of Hockey…Frozen Tundra whatever you call our home Minnesotans own the titles given to us. In the summer we are known for our many parks and lakes providing endless hours of entertainment, but what do we have to offer in the winter months? With football fans flocking from all over the country to Minnesota for Super Bowl LII many are wondering how they will spend their time here. Yesterday I posted my recommendations for Brunching your way through the Twin Cities and today I will give you a list of places to go out and explore while you are in town.


Art Shanty Projects
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The Art Shanties are artist-driven projects spread out on the lakes of Minnesota each year. Think Burning Man on ice. Each year brings new and exciting free exhibits for visitors to explore. Dog-friendly and It’s totally free, it doesn’t get much better. This year check out the butterfly bikes or the Rocky Sea Shanty, both big hits.
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Minnehaha Falls

A tried and true favorite of most Minnesotans. Minnehaha Falls is a popular hotspot in the summer but it completely transforms in the winter. There is nothing like seeing the backside of a frozen waterfall. Be prepared the climb isn’t easy but it is well worth the effort.
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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Strap on some snowshoes and explore the miles of trails throughout the winter wonderland that is the Arboretum during the snowy months. With dozen fo different activities both indoors and out there is something for everyone.
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St. Paul Winter Carnival 
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Minnesotans have been celebrating winter in a way that only they can. Since 1886 the Saint Paul Winter Carnival has been a source of pride and excitement for the community. Head over to Rice Park and check out the Ice Palace, Sculpture Gardens or slide up to the Ice bar. To find a full listing of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival events check out their website.
St Paul Winter Carnival


Stillwater Ice Castles

Stillwater is one of the most historic cities in Minnesota and a local favorite. Filled with shops and restaurants nestled within the St. Croix River Valley, Stillwater is always bustling. During the winter months, the Ice Castles are a must-see. Elsa’s Castle has really come to life complete with fountains and slides. Buy tickets online to beat the crowds! For complete details check out the Ice Castles website.
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Who says that Minnesota winters must be filled with ice and snow? If you’re looking for an indoor adventure head over to the Mall of America and check out SEA LIFE. Channel your inner mermaid and get eye to eye with the fishes. You can purchase tickets online ahead of time for a discounted price. For more information on current exhibits head over to their website.
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MIA Ice Maze
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Minnesota Institute of Art is hosting a special event this year. Wander the frozen ice maze to discover images of objects which will be featured in the MIA’s upcoming exhibition, “Power and Beauty in China’s Last Dynasty”. For more info check out the MIA website.