AMegan's Engagement Gift few weeks ago I gave my best friend Megan a little celebratory
for her new engagement. Included in this gift was a chalkboard tray, a wedding planning book, a ring holder, champagne and two monogrammed champagne glasses. Personalized champagne glasses have always been a must have in my engagement gifts. Recently I found a website called Mark and Graham which allows you to design your own monogram for free. Otherwise I have recently purchased the Monogram App by Yellow Labs, Inc. on iTunes.

IMG_7113I have a cupboard filled with matching champagne glasses that I have gotten from the Goodwill. Personalized glasses are so easy I always keep a bunch on hand. I washed and dried the glasses beforehand so I would have a clean surface to work with. After designing the monogram I used my Cricut Explore to cut out two matching vinyl stencils small enough to fit easily on your glass surface. Check out my post for Personalized Water Bottles to see how to best apply a stencil to the champagne glasses.

Once the stencil is applied to the glass 413YAp9eg1L._SY300_make sure there are absolutely NO air bubbles or you will have a messy image when your project is finished. Use a cheap paint brush to apply Armor Etch all over the areas of the stencil you want to be etched (appear cloudy). You can buy Armor Etch at pretty much any craft store. I have seen it for sale at Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. Leave the etching cream on for about 7-10 minutes and wash off. Remove your stencil and wash again.

Voilá you now have some awesome personalized glasses!