Many of those who frequent Pinterest have caught Succulent Fever and I am no exception. My grandparents came up this spring for one of their visits and we wanted to try our own succulent project. Apparently we caught succulent fever a little late…we could only find a very limited selection and at a very high price. After researching on Pinterest I will definitely be propagating my succulents over the winter for next year, learn how here!

This past spring when sf3my grandma came up for a visit we constructed a succulent fountain using a galvanized cake stand we had purchased at World Market (my new favorite store) the week before. After visiting about 5 different garden stores we got a few succulents, not nearly the varieties of shapes and colors we were hoping for but we made it work.

  1. Before assembling the cake stand we drilled a few holes at the bottom of each tier to help with drainage.
  2. Next we assembled the cake stand and filled each tier 3/4 full with dirt.
  3. Plant the succulents about 1-2 inches apart on each tier.
  4. Cover bare areas with small rocks (it’s fun to add tea candles around each tier as well)
  5. Water and enjoy!