Hey everyone! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I am here writing my first ever blog post as a Hunkiedorië contributor and I am so excited you’re here with me today! Today’s a good one too because what you are all going to quickly learn about me is that there is nothing (I mean, obviously aside from my family), nothing that I love more than Halloween & decorating for it! And I mean really. For me decorating day is like a holiday in itself.

Picture this – brand new pumpkin spiced candles lit in every room, fireplace going, Hocus Pocus on the television, a spooky playlist with everything from classic Frank Sinatra “Witchcraft” to Trap Nations “This Is Halloween”, and most importantly a tall glass of red wine that keeps getting misplaced as I go from room to room with pumpkins & skull heads in hand. 

If that isn’t enough to make you want to jump up & put your basic witch hat on then I don’t know what is, but maybe some Cassie At Home inspo will do the trick!

We bought our home at the end of February this year and although there is A LOT we want to do cosmetically to it,  I’m sticking to fluffing it up with home décor for the time being while we save.

The thing I love most about decorating for Halloween is that because there is nothing perfect about a creepy aesthetic, you literally can’t go wrong with it!

The first thing you are going to want to do is to decide which kind of Halloween style you want your décor to be. There is the traditional orange and black theme, then there is the more modern black & metallic look. There’s also creepy and a little bit strange, there is also cute & harvesty! Don’t worry, if you want a little bit of everything there’s really no rules. Make it you!

Some of my favorite places to shop for Halloween décor pieces are

At Home

I shop the one in Blaine and this year’s selection was anything but disappointing. All of the gauze/webbing & some knick knacky pieces like the mummy & beetle plaque you see in these photos are from there. 


You guys! Have you seen their insanely gorgeous pastel line yet? I would have seriously purchased everything if I still was a single gal. I don’t think my husband would have gotten behind all of the gorgeous baby pinks, so I stuck with more neutral pieces like the phrenology bust head, skeleton hands & resin skull.  

Dollar Tree

Oh, man, the Dollar Tree has come a long way! I got the exterior hanging ghosts from there, along with a ton of cute little white porcelain skeleton heads which have been excellent for filler around the home. 


Did I get that terrible “Goodwill Halloween” song stuck in your head now too? Sure the commercial is overplayed! No really, why is it played as much as it is? But they really are the destination for everything Halloween, and cheap! Over the years I have picked up many pieces from them, and although not very cute at first, there’s nothing a little spray paint can’t fix! Drab orange pumpkins? Throw some gold or white spray paint on them and watch them transform into something very trendy.

My favorite pieces to utilize this Halloween to really help bring the rooms together were

  • 3D Crow or Bat Wall Cings:
    Last year I made my own 3D bats but I spotted these adorable crow assortments with wall clings included at Target and for a pack of 50 for 3 bucks. I couldn’t pass them up! Pictures don’t do them justice – they look amazing in person and really tie all of the rooms together. You could do floating black butterflies, spiders or even stars would be great too. 
  • Skull Heads:
    Something about skull heads to me is just so chic! The thing I love most about them is that they never have to be the same but somehow, they all just go together. You’ll find I have black, white, and gold skull heads all over and they just really help fill in the empty spaces. 
  • Gauze:
    OMG, you guys! I can’t go a Halloween without this stuff! I went with the white gauze from At Home (ps sooo cheap) but they have black, grey & brown also to choose from. I think it looks so chic while still being super creepy & adding volume to the space. 
  • Webbing:
    A lot of people might tell you they are super against the idea of fake spider web in the home and listen, I get it! But, if done correctly and not overdone I think it can still look really good. Don’t go crazy, just add it to statement pieces in the home such as a bar cart, fireplace mantle, or console table. 

Stay tuned for our first ever annual Halloween Party blog post– I’ll be adding even more to the home to really spookify the place for it. 

I really hope sharing my haunted home with you today has sparked some serious spooky energy in you all, and has got you running for your Halloween bins!

Thanks for spending some time with me & I look forward to being back soon! Happy Decorating!