nmsNacho Mama’s in Stillwater has long been one of my favorite local spots. Last Friday my friend Dan and I met up there for some food and drinks. I have never had a bad meal and I was craving Tacos like you wouldn’t believe so this was about to be the most perfect hour of my week.

I got there around 5pm on a nmfFriday trying to beat the crowds and was able to sit out on their beautiful patio right away. Their back patio is fenced off and covered in foliage with a magnificent fountain in the center of the dining area. Everywhere you look you are surrounded by bright colored walls and potted plants, it is such a nice setting to spend a muggy Minnesota summer afternoon. I ordered a nmp1Sangria, their drink menu is fantastic, lots of fun drink that will keep me coming back for a long time. When Dan arrived we ordered chips and salsa which are always a great way to start. We were all a little shocked when our chips arrived…the wall behind me started to squeak and chirp. We decided that there must be some sort of chipmunk living inside one of the large cracks or openings in the wall. Other than being a little nervous that our vocal little friend would come out for a visit mid meal he didn’t really bother us at all.nmp

After bringing Dan a beer our server took our order. We both got the Ground Beef Tacos, mine in a hard shell and Dan’s in soft shells. I kid you not within about five minutes our server was back with our food and it looked unreal! Each taco was stuffed to the brim with juicy seasoned ground beef and fresh veggies plated with some rib stickin’ beans and rice.

nmtJust as fast as my food came out it was gone. Their food is always so good and the atmosphere quaint. The staff is very efficient and polite. It is easy to see why this has been a local favorite for so long. I recommend checking them out if you are ever in the Stillwater area. Nacho Mama’s is a great place to meet friends for drinks and bites to unwind after a long work week. For more information on Nacho Mama’s you can go to their website or visit their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.nmp2