IMG_2151This weekend when I was on Facebook I noticed a large number of my friends liking a video of a proposal online. Usually I skip right over these but for some reason I decided to give it a watch. It was easy to see why this video by TribeTyler was getting so much attention, I was an absolute puddle by the end of “Not Your Average Proposal”.

TribeTyler is a vlog capturing Tyler’s 10 year journey through his 20’s. Before I knew what I was doing I had spent about an hour on his YouTube channel and was completely hooked. Tyler captures such simple moments that many of us experience on some level and don’t even notice, and shines such a beautiful and focused light on them bringing average to extraordinary before your eyes. To watch these videos is to experience amazing amounts of love, appreciation and wonder. Tyler’s work is so light hearted and inspirational you will be glued to your screen! One video he has you laughing the next has you calling your dad in tears just to tell him you love him. Viewers can follow Tyler through Europe, to family events and even join him as he attends various concerts and sporting events.II would recommend his channel to anyone looking to appreciate life’s beautiful journey, this is a great way to take a step back and really take joy in life’s little moments.

I seriously recommend subscribing to this channel as soon as you can. TribeTyler is also available on many other platforms. You can also follow him on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Instagram and Tumblr.  Tyler’s videos are a wonderful way to take a moment, escape your troubles and learn to appreciate your blessings however average or simple they might seem.