Me-and-LaIf you’re anything like me you have a little trouble staying motivated to go to the gym or workout in any way. Luckily there is a wonderful and FREE online community to help you stay motivated! Work It Out 100 promotes healthy living and movement for 100 days.

They have taken instagram by storm. Many of the Work It Out 100 Warriors (followers/participants) post on instagram about their daily activities to keep track of their progress as well as giving the other 11035621_1572497829665208_1847563399611159856_nwarriors to get inspired and cheer each other on. Work It Out 100 is such a positive and fun group of people it’s always a blast getting involved. They have a beautiful website packed with blog posts to inspire and change up your regular routine as well as playlists with fun new music to keep you jamming out at the gym. My favorite part of their website is the ever changing challenges that keep you on your toes and push you past your limits and have you looking back on your fitness journey with pride. Now 10501803_1564259213822403_7734493953468848608_nwarriors and friends have the opportunity to meet up once a month usually at local parks and participate in a group workout/training session. For more information and how you can get involved visit their website or check out their Instagram. While on their website don’t forget to check out their new store front where you can get adorable #WIO100 apparel to keep you stylish while dropping pounds.

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